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For A While

I've not been on long for a while

My hearts been broken for a while 

My feelings have been taken to trial

But I've been thinking a while

So many people around me but feeling lonely 

I'm a mother but sometimes it's hard to find me

Some times I just long for trust

Not many peoples wishes but I'm begging I must 

Unload my troubles 

To some people I could be speaking just bu...

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Its so easy to feel ugly 

Yet so hard to feel beautiful

Its so easy to feel worthless 

But so hard to feel like you mean something 

Its so easy to be forgotton 

Yet so hard to be missed

Its so easy to be replaced

But so hard to be found

Its so easy to love

But so hard to be loved

I feel like i love for nothing but only for hope

Hope that i will be loved back the sa...

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Be True To You

Find Someone Who Loves You For You 

To Yourself You Must Always Be True 

Don't Discriminate Yourself From What Someone Says To You

As You Are Beautiful For Being True To You

Sweet Soul You Behold Don't Ever Be Afraid Of Growing Old

Your Eyes Are The Pages To Your Soul There Are Stories To Be Told

Hug For A Hug A Kiss For A Kiss Home Sweet Home Its Such A Bliss

Welcomed Into Yo...

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I Am

entry picture

I am who i am today because of you

Youve made me a better person than who i used to be

I never thought i could feel they way i do

I never knew i would want to be better for someone else

I am who i am today because of you

Because every fear i have i feel i can fight with you

I know im safe in your arms i feel warm

I never knew i could love someone more than myself

I never kn...

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entry picture

From nothing to everything

From nothing to existence 

From existing to living life

From living life to losing yourself

But what for 

For who not you 

Its for the person who didn't understand you

It was for the person who wanted take your soul

Take your soul and paint it black

Take your heart sell it, and now you cant get it back 

Live for you and no one else 


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