Through the jungle, green trees

Beyond a large, grey rock

Which serves as protection from the shivering, cold breeze

There is a beautiful young women in her frock


They call her Lady Isabel

Her long, straight, and black hair waves in the wind

She has a smile that can stop the devil of hell

But even she has to feel pained


Nothing can stop her pain from hurting

Nor start the flow of love again

Lady Isabel feels like deserting

All that needs to be amend


As she watches the rapid river

How it goes with such beauty and strength

She realizes that a tiny sliver

Of herself is gone forever in length


How can life hold anything for the Lady 

Who once saw life for all its possiblities

Now that her heart is lost for enternity

And thrown away was the keys


Lady Isabel has her whole life ahead of her

Yet she is not alive, but dead

She has lost the love of her sir

And there is nothing more to be said

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Big Sal

Sat 29th Dec 2018 21:37

Nice rhythm.?

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