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Are you Trustworthy?

Are You Trustworthy?

When someone gives you trust

Do you handle it with care?

If you don't, the heart could bust 

For within is a bear


You have taken the most sacred thing

And burned it in a fire

Inside all I feel is a twisting and turning

From such a liar


What am I to think now

When you have betrayed me so

And broken the vow

That you would never go

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Don't you see?

All this pain

From this my soul wishes to be free


Of course you can't

Because you are too busy

And your stubborness won't


I wish for you to feel the slightest

Of what i go through every day

Even on the days of brightness


For me everyday is dark and cold

Not one day, but each and every

And in it all, my heart has been sold


So wh...

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Black Red Rose

A Black Red Rose stood in a sparkling vase

As the sun shone through, the water glowed of wine

The thorns surrounded the stem like green lace


Everyone stopped to admire her beauty and strength

Her intricate accents that were enhanced by the sunshine

A curvy, longated stem with length


One day a petal slowly to the ground fell

Than another followed, making a line


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From an open space of darkness and nothing

God created the sky, the land, and the ocean

What can compare with such beauty and meakness?

Do you have an appreciation for all that I mention?


Deep in a forest, darkness spreads quickly

The leaves shake, the forest talks like a chatterbox

Slithering snakes signing signaures swiftly

As they go hissing at a running fox



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Through the jungle, green trees

Beyond a large, grey rock

Which serves as protection from the shivering, cold breeze

There is a beautiful young women in her frock


They call her Lady Isabel

Her long, straight, and black hair waves in the wind

She has a smile that can stop the devil of hell

But even she has to feel pained


Nothing can stop her pain from hurting


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