A child stands here naked before you

naive, untouched and unblemished

nothing has yet tarnished this vessel.


It feels the weight of humankind

on this mother earth

slicing her open to steal her core

the pillage of the landscape for selfish gain

thoughtless self-aggrandisement

mindless games with no regrets

the power whores who

rape and murder the innocent

who prize publicity

above basic humanity,

shame on you

you pirates on a putrid sea

your skull and crossbones

will line the coffins, and fill the urns

for all eternity

while your little empires

have evaporated into obscurity.


◄ No Silence

Ghosts of the past ►


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Jon Stainsby

Mon 10th Dec 2018 10:52

Hi Po,

Thank you so much.


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Paul Sayer

Mon 10th Dec 2018 08:55

Jon I find it hard to put my feelings into a few finger taps on my keyboard. Your acumen has stunned me into silence.

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Jon Stainsby

Sat 8th Dec 2018 08:32

Thank you, Taylor. I am happy you like it.

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Jon Stainsby

Sat 8th Dec 2018 08:30

Thanks, Ray. I agree. The young will change the world, but the older generation can also show the way.

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Jon Stainsby

Sat 8th Dec 2018 08:28

Thank you so much for your kind words and support, Big Sal. It helps me a lot.

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Fri 7th Dec 2018 17:26

Life's a bitch Jon. Although the child is a resonant image, it' s really the young who change the world not the oldies who seek the comfort zone. So there is hope yet - a nice thought for Xmas.

A heartfelt poem....


Big Sal

Fri 7th Dec 2018 16:31

Grand in scope, excellent in execution. In my honest opinion, next to the one about your mother - this is your best piece. This deserves to be on a building for all to see. I hope you share this, Jon, not just on WOL, but in as many instances as you possibly can.

One of the best I've read - ever.??

(If I could 'like' it 3 times, I would!)

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Taylor Crowshaw

Fri 7th Dec 2018 16:31

Reminded me of A Christmas Carol the two children under the spirits coat. Representing ..Ignorance and Want..well done Jon

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