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Big Sal on February 4, 2016 (Mon, 31 Dec 2018 07:14 pm)

Douglas MacGowan on Nature pt. 1 (Mon, 31 Dec 2018 12:41 am)

February 4, 2016

The palpitations of life. Unsure. Unforgiving. Like radiation poisoning to the soul. 

Vibrant colors float in the vastness of the depths of hell. 

Feeling every vibe from the endless little souls. 

Dancing in the downpour of weightlessness. 

Yet we're confused. What is real and what is a simple mirage. 

Convincing but deadly. That's the remarkable unfairness of this life. 


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Untitled Thorns

You’re a flower that unknowingly rooted itself in my lungs and with each breath your roots grow.

Slowly choking out every last part of innocence left.

Spreading and cultivating like a disease.

You go undetected for so long, but that’s because your camouflage is better than most

For when I look at you all I see

Is a reflection of somebody sick and struggling to be

For the mirrors ...

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Master of Disguise

I’m a master of disguise, 

Cleverly hidden amongst the little lies. 

They build so fast and so strong, 

Before you know it you’re trapped- so long. 

I hide my pain in my brain and nothing I gain. 

I hide disgust in my gut which prolongs my time in this rut. 

I choose my words meticulously in case you sense the insecurity. 

I keep myself at a distance without the slightest resi...

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The Kiss of Death

The Kiss of Death I place on the left side of your chest. 

Directly over your heart, with each beat it falls apart. 

The touch of my lips softly against your skin reminds me of a time I want to relive again. 

The smell of my perfume consumes and destroys all the people my demon deploys. 

One last touch to damn your rut, a feeling of depravity grabbing your mouth shut. 

The Kiss of D...

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A year ago I was reminded, 

A feeling so rare, left me blind sided. 

With your arms around me, the world ceased to be. 

No longer tethered, now free. 

Bound so tightly in the safety your skin secreted-

Fears and worries defeated. 

The shine in your eye told me not that everything was now miraculously fine, 

But that you were genuine.

Being held by you was the only drug I wa...

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Nature pt. 1

Let the wanderlust take over and consume your soul 

Let nature fill up your deepest hole.

Travel like Gilgamesh, 

Though his tactics were unusual I confess

But he reached immortality 

with the first chop of the cedar tree 

When the road gets rough and you dream of relief, 

Float through the sky like a newly freed leaf. 

Because this world is so beautiful-

Borderline magi...

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Front Seat Freestyle

Blue eyes looking at blue skies 

Everything is bluer the more she cries 

Her thoughts are, no matter how hard she tries, about how she wants to die 

Not a physical kind but of this frame of mind kind 

When I try to leave, my feet I find I try to bind and 

Her smile is too kind yet so hard to find 

I’m not even sad I’m just kinda mad 

That I did this to myself and never cried f...

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Untitled 2

Inside my brain it’s like my logic needs to be bolted to the ground 

Because every time you’re around I get flipped upside down. 

The gravity ceases to be, 

Floating around in me 

Are my thoughts I’m too scared to let loose 

They articulate themselves nicely, a self made noose. 

As I step off the side with your arms around my neck, 

Halfway down I realize I don’t want to be de...

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Untitled 1

Swimming through the sky on this magical limp sheet 

Surrounded by air but none to breathe 

Wading through the pond of faces, about yay deep

Drowning in the puddles left for me. 

People packed tightly and always moving, 

Yet empty and scarce— a sour pitch from tuning 

echoing through my bones.

For how can one be so alone 

while surrounded by so many souls?

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