Words of The Waiting Man 24

It's a cold rainy day in hell
Two feet under my bed 
Where time finds a way to stop
I have a fear I'll start self-harming again

Then my demon start yelling at me
I know that I could fall back into that deep end
All these razor blades are full of dry blood now
I suppress the feel to self-herm 

I just got to remind myself
There was a time that I didn't want it
You were the door that I was scared to open
The decision that changed my life forever
I'll never regret it she was the right choice to give my forever to

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Words of The Waiting Man 25 ( Drunk, Lonely and Emotional.) ►


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Paul Sayer

Sat 15th Dec 2018 06:20

Damon 'The first cut is the deepest, but the rest still f'n' smart.

I love the line "Two feet under my bed" it adds depth to your rhyme. This is not meant as a funny quip

Great insight

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