Spider Woman

Sylvia from Sabden had thick brown hair,

Wherever she went the boys did stare.

It was beautifully cultured shiny and long,

She regularly combed it ,the threads were so strong.


One morning when  combing a shock was in hand,

She looked down at her brush and could not quite understand.

The hair on her brush started moving around,

Joined together and jumped on the ground.

In spider like format,Sylvia was in shock.

Over 20 altogether, to form webs they did flock.


The flies in the kitchen didn't stand a chance,

As into the newly formed death traps they innocently did prance.

The kitchen was next to the cow shed ,frequently fly ridden.

But now no longer a threat ,because of the webs that were hidden.


Sylvia from Sabden ,she of very thick brown hair,

Called herself Spider Woman because of a talent so rare.

A hair raising experience which is hard to believe,

More tales to follow for Sylvia to weave.




◄ Oh yes he did ! Oh no he didn't !

Spider Woman spreads panic,a follow on. ►


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