Front Seat Freestyle

Blue eyes looking at blue skies 

Everything is bluer the more she cries 

Her thoughts are, no matter how hard she tries, about how she wants to die 

Not a physical kind but of this frame of mind kind 

When I try to leave, my feet I find I try to bind and 

Her smile is too kind yet so hard to find 

I’m not even sad I’m just kinda mad 

That I did this to myself and never cried for help but 

I know I’m strong and I know that this won’t last long and I know it’s wrong but the more I hold it in the more I fly up 

Into the air I’m gone and this song makes me want a bong and I 

Wanna step out and loose my mind 

But the longer I walk the longer I fight 

And not any time soon am I losing my might

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