Two Instead of One

It was a simple thing

Just a different bed

She slept for a night


A wave


One night turned into two

And then three


A tsunami


Then he pushed back

So she pushed harder

Until they were miles apart


And we were in the middle

Screaming just so they could hear us

But its not like they were listening anyway


They loved each other?

They can’t even look at each other

How can love be miles apart?

It can’t.


The further they were looking away from each other

The more it hurt

The more we shrank

The more we whittled away

Until we were almost nothing


Then they turned around

They started sprinting towards each other

But the closer they got

The more ugly they saw


Slowed down

They are walking now

As we started to hope

And grow

And get stronger, happier

But the others saw the ugly again


So they turned around

And walked away

They walked away for miles before they thought to look back


We, us

We were knocked back down

We were on the ground

We were nothing

Nothing but hope

The thing that failed us the most

When the others looked back

They didn’t think of us in the middle

They thought of themselves

Then they saw each other

Walked closer

And closer

Until they saw the ugly again


They starred at the scars they caused each other

But refused to look down

They refused to look at us

They refused to clean up the mess they made


They touched their fingers together

Felt their hand interlock

They felt each other’s heart beat

Then they stepped back


And there were two beds again


Two instead of one

But this, this was an apocalypse

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Paul Sayer

Mon 20th Apr 2020 06:31

This is a truly stunning work cam.

Big Sal was so right way back then.

Big Sal

Mon 31st Dec 2018 23:04

Great piece. The style is eclectic.?

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