Our Love Will Last Forever

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your eyes keep your heart soft
gently your smile implies sincerity of your love
you are the most beautiful gift of my life
I feel peace in our every moment

it feels like a dream of our encounter
every blink of your eyes is a light of peace
your smile is my comfort
flowing sincere coolness of your love

your smile makes me not want to get away from you
although there are not many words you say
but your smile is really meaningful
every time you are always present in what I feel

you have given me a pair of beautiful wings
now I can fly high to enjoy the beauty of the world
fly across the rainbow's colorful light
joking between the moonlight and the stars

thank you for the time you gave me
your attention to me signals the sincerity of your love
my heart is so happy because you have chosen me
to be the most beautiful part of your life journey

you are everything to my life
I can't go through life without your love
because you have become a part of me
you are my soul mate

you are true love in my life
your name has now been carved beautifully in my heart
His love of peace always safeguards our love
I hope our love will last forever

Solo-Indonesia, November 25th, 2018, 7:11 a.m.
Suko Waspodo
ilust: AliExpress


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Suko Waspodo

Sun 9th Dec 2018 03:06

Thanks dear Ghazala for appreciating. GBU?

<Deleted User> (16837)

Sat 8th Dec 2018 08:50

you are true love in my life............... a sincere confession?

your name has now been carved beautifully in my heart....beautiful lines!!!

His love of peace always safeguards our love.....a true prayer indeed!!

I hope our love will last forever.......yes sir it definitely will, have faith in God, keep praying, it is just a matter of time..

.may you n your better half be blessed always..ameen

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