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Let’s talk about Why no Job is worth your self respect,

Why we don’t take the time to make breakfast for ourselves every morning.

We forget,

Use an egg,

Crack it with one hand.

Learn to crack it with one hand.

Take our supplements 

Buy a French press

Why do we insist on allowing the cooperate world to rule our only world.

I got so tied up in not taking care of myself,


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Jobscorporate culturepoemslife moves on


It’s hard for a seed to break itself,

in order to grow under the ground,

but in the end it WILL grow out of that ground

and into its own breath and onward.

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the artist

the man who created memories for others,

the man who enjoyed caputring a. single framed moment of time.

one sec.. one frame.

a trillion pixilations.




living through a lense of longing.

behind a smile that has been trained to smile.

A personality that is of a wanderess child, running through the halls screaming  with laughter,

but gets scollded for...

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two loves one lie

Before my ex comes over to talk

id like to share a few thoughts,

i hurt this ex

yes i did.

I heart his heart and so i hid.


One day, when i fianlly learned how to not care,

i walked away, without a waking ear,


i didnt care for the man he was then,

because i loved a liar from a time before him


THat was the fucker that really broke me

 took my kindness and...

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Fatherhood of the fallen

imagine falling slightly in liking of someone.

its not love

 its not love 

its not lust

its stages of understanding. 

I met a man at my work and i really adored him,

i adored his smile,

his comforting aura

his being,

yet, i tried too hard.

oh boy

oh boy

oh boy, that hurt. 

that was a mistake, to even trust you with the fate of where this might end up,


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Its been overdue

to tell you the truth

about me.





imagine that.

but sleeping away the pain,

 and trying again while you black out your eyes with a better high. 

i know abou the twisted thoughts you hide. 

every night the feelings creeo insdie,

you are testing me, 

crying in the street, 

begging for men to drop their pants so i could get j...

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Rest in Memory

in a present time somewhere,

you tell me not to sing the song of the blue folks blues
nothing could have torn me from those words. 

not even you.


you said "oh, go ahead and leave."

but i refuse.


you cut out my heart

and ran.

but threw it out anyway.

you dig your own sanctuary

and forget about me.

Because you knew i would be too tired to dig.

so i let you...

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Where am I?

what do you mean transform?

Rejuvinate? Vitality of emotional well being?

 Is it true?


and more.

I guess you're wondering where ive been,

i Definetly wont tell you 

and i sure as fuck wont let you in.

ive awoken

from the spell you cased upon me

of lies, of torment

such ungracegul deads.

But now i confess

my actual Voice,

Which in this case,

is NO...

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Why did this happen?

Why did we go a drought?


Why the hell did you hurt me?

Why the heck didn’t I say ouch?


Why didn’t you just tell me you hated the way I laugh?

Why couldn’t I tell you I hated you because you cheated in the past?


Why did you talk to me like a dumb dog?

Why didn’t I tell you that your pride was too strong?


Why didn’t you say, “ I never ...

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Liquor and booze

I wake at the stroke of noon 

My head beats like an on going drum.

Is this what it’s like to continuously be numb? 

A loss at words 

An act of tragedy.

Family matters,

People dieing. 

A girl who’s father is crying. 

In a hospital bed 



All the while 

I stare at the morning sky 

remembering the days...

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The race we lost





Screws or

Long nails.


Or standard 

Eventually they will all rust and fail.  

American rides &

Forgein whips 

Sounding their mating call 




“What you mean my man? 

Those zippy things have it all”

“Don’t you wana see me, as I Race to  understand? 

On how to treat a woman. 

Even though I ...

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the problem

"The problem you are

that you never seem to see

is that you put me down

without even looking through me 

Ive changed you see, I AM A NEW MAN

i gave you the world,

even with my filthy hands 

you  bring up the past 

 Assuming the worst

again and again 

the pattern has curved 

While you slow me down

I feel your eyes 

innapropriate manners

Visious innuendos in...

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Bi polar


This is not a phase,

As they all said. 

They told me my emotions are strong,

So I tried to keep them hid. 

Anger rises in me

As I,

 overflow and boil. 


Sadness overwhelms me, 

As I tremble and burrow. 


Happiness is rare,

Almost like,

 seeing an old friend. 



Timid and distraught, 

Cautious of all men. 

Never did I think I could be t...

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bipolarDepression black dog bipolar

Letting go

Let me tell you this 

a secret lies within oneself,

many dare to dismiss.  


Loving one who is broken, 

Creates complication 

And bliss. 


A problem to handle,

That is not ones own. 

A secret to help bury, 

Yet not to hold on ones own. 


The truth is set free,

When their true self is recognized 

By the one who had the power, 

All along on the ...

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LoveheartacheChaos Life Judgement mental healthLetting Go

Cliff Hanging

I feel my mind slipping, 

almost dangling from a cliff. 


Obsession and love are different, 

Yet similar with a twist. 


You left me in the cold, 

And so I left you behind. 

Although it breaks my heart 

this is my time to shine.


To fend for myself, 

That was the first lesson, 

A scared little girl,

With no direction. 


Which way do I turn? 


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poetrysadnessheartbreakself worthbreakmissing youcareful100 best poetry blogs

No title to this sad song

I feel no warmth in your stay,

only light flames from your exhaust lead the way. 

The deadliest parts of you,

I hold high and mighty.

“Clearly it’s  not working out”

you tell me while I’m crying  


what’s wrong with me  


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Sadhateself haterealationshipdeathcrysorrow100 best poetry blogs

I feel no warmth in your stay,

only light flames from your exhaust lead the way. 

The deadliest parts of you,

I hold high and mighty.

“Clearly it’s  not working out”

you tell me while I’m crying  


what’s wrong with me  


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Simple acts of disgrace

Life can be so simple,

just follow this rule.

don’t fall in love 

Without expecting to drool.

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Simple acts of disgracesimplediehelpcan you read me?

Save me from myself.

Staring up at his ceiling fan, thinking about this disgrace
Looking in his closet door mirror, with this horrid weed that was laced. 
Sending me into a trance of pure disgust
I have to stop this now, it’s most certainly a must. 
I walked out the door 
With no kiss goodbye 
He turned around so fast 
Like the quickest speed of light. 

My heart pounding as we speak 
I’ve gotten to a Cert...

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Sexself worthbadone night standcrapeating disorderlightkiss goodbyebyelove poetry


-To all the girls who love their beautiful  curly hair: 

Life just didn’t treat you fair. 

You started off as a soft delight 

then darkness grew, as the nights took flight. 

They screamed at you with venom, 

So you hid from their mighty bite


You ran home crying, 

because a bully tried to put up a fight. 


Coming home with mascara running down your face, 


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bonesdieingEating disorderhatesadself hate

Find Me

Will you notice me?

Where are you?


don’t this just send chills up your spine. 


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Where are youlovedlocatedhelpnotice me

Harsh fireflies.

Sitting here 

in the dark. 

Smoking poison, 

While soaking up the night sky like lotion. 

Stars shine bright, 

like little fireflies dancing in a summer breeze. 


I wish upon upon the biggest star, 

while there’s a breeze between my shaking knees. 

I bow my head and begin to weep  


I fucked another one, 

a lifeless soul. 


Rubbing their flesh against m...

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Fuck upcloudymindsorrowhatefuckinghatredselfworth

Aching Beauty

Crazy young one 

 your time is soon to come. 

Keep shoving those rails up your pretty perfect snout. 

You think your a king, 

from the head you boast about. 

Your smile woo’s the weak,

followers who prey. 

Leaders shy away from you, 

your a black sheep, eating dry hay. 


Women worship you for your charm, 

men beg you for your promise, 

You smell of sadness and ...

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Complicatedbeautybloody depressingpeople pleasingshamfraud

The Young Fool

Oh how I was the fool 

a girl who saw the heat in your flume 

you struck me like a star in the night sky 

but burned me like a nick on my rear thigh. 

Your lies cut me into many pieces of broken glass 

I felt your light distinguish with the slightest of gasps.

i didn’t even get to say goodbye, 

for you disappeared like a whisper

into the night sky ... 

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love gone wronglove-hateonly me left

Unbareable Truth

What a pleasurable pain

to be loved by someone who only wants to use you 

someone who only wants your body and not your mind 

accepting the fact that you are wanted, only for vanity and not for soul purpose. 

You are but an object, 

a hole for someone to dump their sadness into. 

Nothing more, nothing less. 

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Super Sticky Glue

All alone in the world

full of disgrace, and disgust.


I never knew anything,

all my thoughts turned to dust.


The black and the gold,

this must have been my heart,

turning to dark mold.


Crusty and dry,

my high was fading,

and my eyes cried to a certain soul.


They all abandoned me,

and left me for dead.


As for what they forgot,

was apar...

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Bloody Showers

Bloody Showers

One time in a waking hour
I decided to take a long hot shower.
and to my suprise as i scrubbed,
I saw my knees, were red with blood.

Being dizzy from the night before
I couldnt recall the time i last snored,

"what happened last night?"
I dont remember..
Why my breast was bruised,
and my nails were shattered.

I only saw the day before,
because nighttime whistles, ...

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bloodshowerspainrapesexual assaulthurthurtful poems

Rough Patches



You told me cared,

I saw that you did,

Your trapped in your mind

and so I hid.

I see pain in your eyes

they are so dark for me.

I want to shine light on you

but you wont let yourself be free.

It hurts me darling ,

when there's rough patches on your skin,

because I've seen you soft,

and that feeling brought me in.

I love you.. darling


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Deeps ocean


Deeps Ocean.


The feelings you erupted in me were too immense for me to handle,

the pushing,the pulling

being torn

left and right

up and down.

ANY direction you ordered,

I listened and bowed in shame like the fucking bitch you told me i was.

I fucked you the way you wanted me too, like the whore you called me everytime i didnt answer my phone.

I ran to you as so...

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