The purpose of life

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Purpose of life
Thursday,20th December 2018

Man proposes but God disposes 
Human beings choose
but implementation becomes very much difficult 
as strong negative desire is inbuilt 

the moment you go for prayers
the greed and ego layers activate
they divert your immediate attention 
and bring in things of unnecessary mention 

no doubt, many people control over their urges
and successfully manage to
think about the futility of human life in question
and concentrate on the divine intention

the moment this question is addressed
some of the  worldly desires are phased out 
more attention is focused on the purity 
and surrendered totally to the divinity 

man gets occupied with the serenity
thinks of how to go near the vicinity
and area of an almighty
and finds the fulfillment of  life's goal in totality

Hasmukh Mehta


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