The Longer You Live



The longer you live

the nicer people are

they seem to show

a little more respect to you

once your hair turns gray

those who used to

brush by you in a rush

now open the door for you

and help you in small ways

showing courtesy and consideration

to those senior citizens

who have slowed down or

cannot understand directions

it's a marvelous revelation

and a comfort in old age

that even the young can forgive

a person for getting old

it is after all not their fault

it just happened one day

while they were asleep.



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Taylor Crowshaw

Mon 3rd Dec 2018 22:08

Like the poem D.K. but I am with Jennifer...not always the case..?

jennifer Malden

Mon 3rd Dec 2018 20:23

Great poem - but not always true unfortunately. Italian drivers only stop at pedestrian crossings (sometimes) for old people, but always if you are pushing a pram! Safer to go around with an empty one.


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Brian Maryon

Mon 3rd Dec 2018 14:36

Completely agree Knapey...though the one exception is my wife.

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