Tech Life

Science scrutinises minute component parts,

learning wholes work through collaboration.

Cells make organs, organelles make cells, organs make

bodies, molecules make cell organelles.

Some of our tech – cogs, springs and pins – make clocks function,

making precise time keeping possible.

In turn, enabling commerce, coordination,

society and collaboration.

Few know how tech works, or how biology makes

consciousness – we use both, instinctively.

Conscious thought drives scrutiny, enabling progress;

progress enhances our scrutiny.

Life made tech, can tech be used to make life also;

will tech-life be next, what will that create?

artificial intelliegence

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AM Cash

Tue 15th Jan 2019 22:41

Tried this one too. Just lost. I get the rhythm though. Again not sure what the jest is. I feel I am missing something important.

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Wed 12th Dec 2018 07:22

Thasnk Martin, I'm pleased you like it.

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Martin Elder

Sun 9th Dec 2018 18:56

I like not just the observations and the questions within this poem but also the pace and rhythm to it
Nice one

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