Have a happy smoke free year

Make 2019 a smoke free year,

Postpone death and funeral fear.

Prevent the poison in the tar flowing in a flood,

Avoid the threat of clot formation due to thicker blood.


Chemicals in the blood make your heart beat faster,

Furring up your arteries creating a deathly  disaster.

The enemy in the smoke can attack your kidneys and  win,

Also reducing the amount of oygen reaching your skin.


The ageing process by 20 years it can enhance,

Giving wrinkling around the eyes and mouth a better chance.

Injecting a nicotine flavour ,which in the future will haunt,

Hollowing cheeks making you look old and gaunt.


Smoking can make your bones weak and brittle,

Women are more prone due to the fact that they are little.

Brain damage and death can be cultivated by the smoke.

Commonly referred to as an haemorrhage or a stroke.


Frequent coughs and lung infections can be a smoking issue,

Due to the destruction of airways and lung tissue.

Serious areas of smoking damage are mouth ,tongue and throat,

A change in voice pattern, an early warning sign ,take note !


Smoking can cause male impotence as it reduces sperm count,

And can deflate man's joy when ready to mount.

So make 2019 a smoke free year.

Postpone death and funeral fear.


Sticks of death and pipes of poison  are certain to bring you grief,

Don't let your life be taken early by this tobacco thief.


Have a happy smoke free year





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Tue 1st Jan 2019 13:09

I read this poem to a passer by,
He said,
"Going to stop right now ,don't want to die ! "

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Tue 1st Jan 2019 07:02

Have a happy smoke free year

Big Sal

Mon 31st Dec 2018 23:05

A good deed a day makes an abundance at year's end.?

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