The real fool

When they’re older,

and it’s all abit too late,

no one will be laughing,

about those green things on my plate,

I eat well, I exercise,

I have tons of energy to work,

yet the coolest person in the office,

is an absolute jerk,

I’m known as “the weird one”,

because I’m climbing mountains on the weekends,

im not out being an idiot,

getting wasted with my friends,

I have to listen to idle gossip,

every single day, 

celebrity  rubbish, nonsense,

and negativity,

I joined a public speaking club,

to try and better myself,

but I’d get absolutely ridiculed,

if I mentioned it to anyone else,

why is it that looking after yourself,

is considered to be uncool?

well I guess only time will tell,

who was the real fool!


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Don Matthews

Mon 31st Dec 2018 13:53

Now Kirsty you've gone pulled a swifty
You've morphed into Happy Hiker
A good replacement which I approve of
I'm glad it wasn't Harley Biker

Can you imagine the thoughts I'd be left with?
A Kirsty all jacketed in studs
Riding atop a big Harley
Instead of hiking round in the mud

Hello Happy Hiker ?

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Don Matthews

Mon 31st Dec 2018 13:12

Kirsty537 I'm a pleb from Down Under
I try not to be a source of ridicule
I absorb all WOL wisdom that appears on my screen
And deliver poems I think that are cool

I'm not in a Speakers Group, but if I was
Telling others I wouldn't care anyway
I'd just shrug my shoulders and say go get lost
Cos I'm untouchable 10,000 miles away ?

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