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Global concept

Friday,14th December 2018


people often say

"poetry is hell to stay with "

where are head and tail?

I just watch their anger and fail


All the times they write about the moon

dream about under the spell of blazing sun

beat around the bush

and try to the rubbish ideas


It pains me a lot

as I have sought several times

their attention and tried to specify their vent

with a bouquet of roses and sent


it may be possible that they are not convinced

or least interest evinced

But several times, I have promised

and in my attempt, never misses a chance


For me, the poetry is religion

as I am a human being

and have tried to bring

peace and harmony through verses


it gives a soothing effect

to all those who are troubled

remain always misled about the global concept

and refuse the peace concept to


Hasmukh Mehta 


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