Oh How Then

Oh How Then

The powers that be took us into this mess

And we as people decided to act

Yes that’s right we banged our pans and spoons


You there over there yes you in Europe

With your plans and rules and laws and languages

We are English and do not want your rules

Or to be ruled by you from citadel Europe

What will we gain from this?

Having to use Metric instead of Imperial

Pity the market traders now in jail

For refusing to bow down to Metric

In a clink with druggies and gangsters and murderers

But the Euro MPs should be inside

For maiming our lives with their red tape

From fishing quotas to banana size

They say jump and we ask how high?

So we did jump and jumped out of Europe!

Some wanted to Remain but I voted Leave

Yet what a mess it created oh dear

May’s leadership is tatty just like her

And her job is hard even damned

But there is No Deal with the chaos it brings

Brings to us in England and you in Europe

What will it really bring?

A sense of leaving but then what?

Increased air fares, a need for Visas and new wars???

Time will tell...





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Hannah Collins

Wed 26th Dec 2018 14:06

Certainly a mess and a muddle while Brexit overtakes all while other problems go unchecked.
As you say, time will tell.


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