February 4, 2016

The palpitations of life. Unsure. Unforgiving. Like radiation poisoning to the soul. 

Vibrant colors float in the vastness of the depths of hell. 

Feeling every vibe from the endless little souls. 

Dancing in the downpour of weightlessness. 

Yet we're confused. What is real and what is a simple mirage. 

Convincing but deadly. That's the remarkable unfairness of this life. 

Suffocating in shame. Breathing in the resin of your dreams shattered in the midst of reality. 

Forced down our throats is the twisted corpse of what used to be. 

Memories rest on your soul. Unleashing the ocean of suppression. 

The scarcity of individuality is weighing the universe down closer to the unknown. 


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Big Sal

Mon 31st Dec 2018 19:14

Great diction.?

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