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Casino dreams


 Casino dreams
Maybe today Ill see the reason why
 I sit at this machine hoping to be amused
 like free spins will pay out
 and only to lose
I swear this casino 
has only brought me to the deep end
So quick to say fuck it,
and what i would have never pursed
why cant i just refuse?
My mind is too gone, its all been consumed
Broken, bitter and used 
Sell us dreams, 
and we sell you...

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Toxic lovers

He didn't care that I'm hopeless cause 
I guess he could say he felt mutual
Something drew us together
Something more than usual
We both lived reckless lives in a cold world 
Atleast we can both say we got the two of us
Not sure what love truly is
im not even loving my own life to sober up
He tells me that I help ease the pain
even though the drugs make us numb enough 

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Addictsdisfuctionenablersrelationshipstoxic relationships

Child robbers

I wished you did not miss me because the though of that hurts to the core
I wished i did not ever have to feel the pain,
of you not missing me even more. 
I think back to our times at home
 your first memories of being so small in my arms
The hours i spent watching you dream 
Wishing and hoping i could be the best mother i could be 
for you to get the best life you deserve from me.

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cpsheartachekidnappedlossMothers lovereturn hometime

The day I met you

The day I met you

My soul awoke;

a sound of crying so joyous I could cry myself
The thought of opening my eyes

without the sound this little life I created would be just as scary as it was

when she had opened hers in the first

moments of life 
She lit up my night sky
She came to me with golden hair
The color people would dye to have
For her, I'd die a million times to have al...

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birthchild babyDaughtermotherhood

Reflection in mirror


My eyes are deep and full of experience
Life has shaped my fragile mind now one of a pessimist 
Didnt I ever learn disobedience always has its conscience?
Wish my mind wasnt one of a adolence 
I dream to be accepted 
and loved for a selfless heart
But much much of my life
I felt lonely and treated more bogart
I guess, its just my luck 
With pour decisions and irrational thoughts
I k...

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