From Corner Looking Out

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From Corner Looking Out


I'm not sure about this.  It seems too simple. I change grammar, leaving words out.  What will others think?  It doesn't matter what others think Don.  You write for yourself.  You've said this often


I sit in corner looking

Round my favourite caff

People coming, going

Making smile, and laugh


But every now (less often)

I feel a touch of sad

A person shows not happy

Not happy (feeling bad?)


I am just here observing

(From corner looking out)

At all different humanity

Passing roundabout


Eyes down I make this passing flow

Transfer to page via pen

That you are now reading about

My poetry (again)


Don Matthews December 2018


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 14th Dec 2018 21:00

In the dangerous days of the American West, a certain watchful
James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok used to sit with his back to the wall,
except for one time when he got careless playing cards and was
shot from behind, the cards from his "dead man's" hand (Aces and
Eights) being noted and named as such thereafter. People-watching
- especially from a safe position - can be an informative useful pastime!

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Paul Sayer

Fri 14th Dec 2018 17:32

I almost missed this Don... never mind missing the odd word but to miss the whole poem W H A T NOOOOOO

I this is - great

Opps missed a word


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Jon Stainsby

Fri 14th Dec 2018 12:35

I always like to sit in the corner, or at the back, and observe.

Thanks for this, Don

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Brian Maryon

Fri 14th Dec 2018 11:56

You wise sit corner sneak up on.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Fri 14th Dec 2018 08:33

Yep write for yourself...others may give negative critique. If it is from the heart even tho sometimes poetry may offend the sensitive it has value..nice Don?

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