The sea fell in love

With the moon

Because of the darkness


Every night

The sea stared up

And wished for a glimmer

To dance across its waves

And make it feel

Like something precious


The moon saw this

And every night

Wished to stroke silver

Across its skin


The moon fell in love

With the sea

Because of the darkness


Cold and drifting


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Walking through

The halls of this house

(of your youth)

Under blankets of weight

The heat, the heaviness

(the memories)

Why do my hands shake

Like I can still hear

Their voices, their footsteps

(the anger, the sadness)


Like a puppet on a string

(docile, weak child)

I am pulled

Into closets

Blurry dreams


Are forced into focus

(do ...

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Rose Garden

You stare at the chair

That would have marked you a woman

One that your all your friends sat on

Proudly, too young to understand

The implications


You feel like a child

Among your friends

Who have all been draped

In the pleats of womanhood

A sprout in a garden

Of beautiful flowers


Your parents

Wanted to hide

Your red rose blossoming

Claimed that t...

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Perfect Indian Daughter

I cannot be the

Perfect Indian daughter

You wish for

Long skirts and

Full sleeves and

Hair braided back and

Bangles and necklaces and

Collarbones covered

Don’t talk back

Serve the men first

Speak quietly

Or not at all

I am not that child

I have thoughts

And I yell

And I wear t-shirts and v-necks and shorts

(Not too short)

And I eat, I don’t serve,...

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I know why (you cry)

I watch you silently

Tears sparkling in your eyes

I wonder if you want the comfort

When you won’t tell me why (you cry)


You go about the day

As normal as can be

I wonder how you smile

But I know the truth inside (you cry)


Your voice seldom wavers

And your friends never see

But alone you start to lose the mask

And I can see the cracks (you hide)


I ...

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I wonder

What you see in me

That makes you think I can do this

I tell you that I can’t

And all you do is push


I don’t know if I can continue

Everytime I try

All I hear

Are your words

Telling me not to fail


How much more

Do you think I can give

I am drowning

In your expectations

And my breath comes shorter with every wave


I think that if


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In the Dark

I see creatures in the dark

Are they monsters?

They whisper


I whisper lie

And they whisper truth

I open my eyes

When did the tears come?

I lay awake, dreaming of light

All I see are shadows

The creatures wait


I hear screaming in the dark

Is it me?

I want to say monster

But instead I close my mouth

Can anyone hear?

My sound is trappe...

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Cold Day in July

You came in like a cold day in July

My bare skin now ice

The cracks running down my chest

Breaking apart


I was a sparrow on the storm front

Did I ever stand a chance

Broken and battered wings

I’m falling


I was unprepared for how you hit me

Now you leave me behind

I’m lying on the ground



But again I will rise

And fly through the stormy ...

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For the Best

Fleeting is what friendship is

It is seldom that it lasts

The people who impact us the most

Are people we leave in the past


Benches, empty benches

Are what fill a lonely life

Once surrounded by joy

Lost now to heartache and strife


Footsteps trail up a road

And never return back

Because what drives us away

Is a bond beginning to crack


Remember me, ...

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Not Mine

I have a face

But it’s not my face

It’s a face with flawless skin


And I have eyes

But they're not my eyes

Lined in black

With upraised wings


And the glitter and gold above them

Is not mine either

Shimmering and throwing light

When I blink


And I smile

But it’s not my smile

A practiced smile framed with bright red lips

That are not mine either


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Empty Tunnel

I walk inside an empty tunnel

The silence echoes back

A dusty chamber with no escape

Just one long path


I walk alone in this empty tunnel

The darkness is all I feel

I can’t tell what is real and what is not

Only nothingness can exist here


Reality has been covered

By a layer of impenetrable dust

I do not know more than these walls

And the ghosts that linge...

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It lies in broken pieces around us

Glass littering the floor

Like dying stars



Like so many other things

I thought I could trust you with


You told me you were never good

At keeping things whole

And I thought you could change


Maybe it was my foolishness

To think you could handle

Changing the lightbulb

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Lonely Rock

A lonely man sits on a rock

On a lonely mountain

By the singing water.


His lonely mind

Thinks lonely thoughts

That fill the air

With ideas unheard.


A lone bird flies

And hears his lonely thoughts

It soars to the rock

And the man is lonely no more.


A lone bird stands

Where a lonely man once thoug...

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White walls

They’re closing in

I’m trapped between








No doors

No windows

No glimpse of life

Outside of these




They’re moving slowly

Closer to me


Moving to kill




Try to break them


They will not yield





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In The Empty Space

Our futures are found

In the margins of a notebook

In the empty space overshadowed

By the stories of the past and present


Our futures are found

On the edges of a sunset

A tiny piece of the day’s end

Turning over for a new sunrise


Our futures are found

In the silence between heartbeats

The unlived moments gathering force

Pushing us to fill them with potent...

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cut out my lungs (you stole my breath)

my breath left me

on a day of cold and color

against your turned back

white face, white mist

under the beat of your wings

singing the song of the swan


snow falls down

through a world of stolen breath

a feather finds its way

beside a snowflake

curled in my palm

i wish on a white and silent world

that you would take my heart

the way you took my lungs



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