Homelessness ! A plight to fight.

The wind out there is strong and cold,

Attacking the homeless both young and old.

Wrapped up in blankets dirty and damp,

The street is their bedroom,its lights their lamp.


Houses and flats are too expensive for one,

Sleeping in a Debenham's doorway is not much fun.

The homeless problem is a street blight,

Increasing in numbers every single night.


The homeless are taken right to the brink,

Costing our hospitals more than we think.

What can we do to solve their plight?

A complicated problem we have to put right.


The Brexit disaster is proving difficult to repair,

The political chaos brings more despair.

More homeless out there on the street,

Suicidal suffering disasterous defeats.

Turning their bodies into a cushion full of pins,

Drowning their sorrows temporarily hiding their sins.


A lady bent double in deep despair,

An ambulance call out with another did share.

A bacterial infection she did show,

Where the needles she used constantly did go.

It looked as if she was still injecting the mess,

The puss flowed out contaminating her dress.


The average life expectancy of the homeless is  47 years,

30 years less than normal due to their trauma and fears.

What must we do to solve their plight?

A complicated problem we have to fight.








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jennifer Malden

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 22:26

To be homeless is like being without a life- nowhere to go where you have a right to be, and without a domicile you can't get any kind of job , so you are trapped. Agree with Hannah about Dickens's disapproval. I lived in London in the late 50s - early 60s and there weren't many homeless, on the streets anyway. Great writing.


Profile image

Hannah Collins

Sat 22nd Dec 2018 18:57

Very good poem on a very important issue.
What would Dickens say if he returned and saw all these poverty stricken people on the streets ?
Shameful situation.
Well done.


<Deleted User> (19836)

Mon 17th Dec 2018 18:15

Well done Hugh!!! Something to think about when passing a homeless soul on street. Lend a helping hand, not just this holiday season but always, because homelessness shows no mercy...it can strike anyone at anytime!?

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