The Banks only have to shout

and the Government give them a bail out

Institutions of incessant greed

take money from those in need

They operate under their own licence

to ensure their own existence

Customers have become pound signs

as we live in such mercenary times

Once before the cashier I had a name

now an eight digit number is the same

Personal service has become a joke

in banking halls that make us choke

Fat cats play the bonus game

from our money all the same

Banks no longer receive respect

as they have become an exclusive sect

They have cheated robbed and lied

now to the public they are tied

Yet their arrogance reigns supreme

as if they were a winning team

Their reputation lies in tatters

yet nothing of their rudeness matters

When did you last give a shout

and receive a Government bail out?

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keith jeffries

Fri 28th Dec 2018 11:03

Dear All,

Thank you for your comments and appreciation of this poem. MC., your response was particularly interesting and illuminating. These banks ride rough shod over us and do so with our money, a good portion of which helped save their bacon.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 27th Dec 2018 16:15

I've had my own "up and down" with my bank recently - over
fraudulent online transactions. Their default position was that I
was the guilty party - despite numerous reasoned letters setting
out why that was not so. Finally, after producing word for word the
admission from the online source involved (no names no pack drill)
that my account had been fraudulently used, the bank finally accepted my version and even paid me a small sum as a "nod" to
their wrongful assumptions. Fortunately, I was no stranger to
writing detailed fact-based reports in my working life and this
experience helped considerably when faced with their intractable
insistence that I was at fault and liable. I think that someone less
able to put their position forward when facing such an attitude
might have folded under the pressure brought to bear by the
bank on this customer - of many decades standing, I have to add!. All a very long way from "customer care" - so sadly
absent nowadays.

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Brian Maryon

Thu 27th Dec 2018 09:10

They're a load of bankers Keith!

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