Little Boy's Pockets


Pull out a little boy's pocket
and all manner of things fall out
all the treasures he found
on his daily rounds at school
in the parking lot
in the back yard
he finds things the little things
that spark his interest
these are important to him

rocks & sticks
a button
a ring tab
an acorn
a Rolly Poly bug

a penny
a Lego piece
a bottle cap
a stub of a pencil

the list could go on
all treasures to him
found objects he spotted
with a keen eye
he collects them all
like grass stains on his pants
like mud on his tennis shoes

each day a treasure hunt
inspiring his imagination
things he carries home to show
all here in his personal diary
the contents of his pocket

do not toss them out
cherish them
they are part of the little boy
who lives in your house
a part of who he is

too soon
he will grow up and
it will never be the same
all the stuff seen as only junk
you'll wish were back again
along with the little boy

time is so fleeting
and a boy's curiosity will soon fade away
as the world takes over
and he becomes a man
too busy to look for little things

hold the little boy close
as long as you can
treasure your memories

collected from little boys pockets.


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jennifer Malden

Thu 13th Dec 2018 16:24

Nice and how very true, especially seventh verse. Remember even live lizards in pockets, and disgusting partly chewed sweets, catapults with ammunition, special marbles, etc etc.,


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