I am my own woman

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I am my own woman

Saturday, December 22, 2018

6:50 AM


I am my own woman

responsible and fully grown

to realize the present status

with full of trust


I have my sentiments

and desires too

I shall be pleased if someone admires

and doesn't put our dignity on fire


I need no explanation

how should the human relation be shaped

it is our inherent quality

that dreams always for the humanity


let there be an awareness

that we keep the smile on the face

not to please someone but ascertain our place

that we are too in this human race


Let the kidnappers desperately try

but we shall never shy off

of our responsibility as mothers and sisters

No one on earth can alter our position


we are tolerant

but not hesitant

to stop the things from going out of the control

we are women and call it a day


Hasmukh Mehta


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