Pride comes before destruction

Pride comes before destruction My mother always told me don’t let your pride get in the way of your future, I’m sitting here listening ,but not really hearing how could the person telling me this couldnt even listen to their own advice but like me always in a rush thinking I know it all . It crazy how I can think I don’t know it all after all I did this all by myself? Honestly you couldn’t tell me anything no one could who really helped me after all what did you do ? Truth is I wasn’t really right or wrong was I ? Or who is to say yay or nay ? Got you you thinking now too huh ?? But if I was in the wrong who deep down would call them self the bad guy better yet believe it ? Or am I misunderstood and attempting a failed plan ? Bet your sitting there thinking girl you ask a lot of questions for a person who knows her self but deep down I’m learning her but my pride won’t admit her faults because it was my point of view so I’m never wrong unless I admit it . Each person gets a different version on me I understand the version I give to each person .Who you are depends on which version you get and it’s a crazy world so how do you expect me to be I guess I could be more lady like. I promise you I’m a good girl who makes fucked up decisions oh and I cus a lot, but I keep it classy always . See that thats pride not letting me admit I have unladylike ways . My pride telling me girl don’t get messed over build a wall . I can change it and probably should but there’s that pride afraid to show who I really am afraid of the outcome afraid for people to bring out a side I didn’t want to show or wasn’t ready for . See people let me down ppl who love me ppl who I love you see how I worded that there’s a big difference but we will get there . My pride makes me come up with reasons why I act a certain way instead of changing it and that my friend is the problem I don’t want to admit well to you of course but myself no way there it is that pride again . My pride is my biggest enemy . Makes me explain myself or find fault when i know I’m not being who I really am or is it who I desire to be ? Mind of a maniac and I can’t apologize I constantly think constantly question . Not realizing stop trying to always fix it girl you are one person stop justifying emotions let them out if people don’t except it you gave them the version they deserved because my pride is too important too valuable that’s all I have right or is it my down fall? And before you ladies say how real I am or men fall in love with my words I’m a fucked up person my wisdom comes from experience and I’ve done some messed up shit said some messed up things keeping score was something I was good at . I will take some things to the grave but believe what you want to believe is this about her or is she simply a poet avoiding the expectations of my fans . This is for who I can help who I can save. Point is to know yourself you have to think outside the box look from different perspectives. But most importantly let go of that pride because you will be in war with yourself

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