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Rule Number One

Rule number one:
Do no harm.

Just answer me,
How could you hold
Something so fragile
In your arms for so long,

And then just shatter it?

Answer Me.

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All around this town
assumed that you got an idea to go back,
you know that they can't be around
all the lights that swallows lights
that brings you

For any..
for any day.

And please don't hang quite high
as you used to do.
I can still follow you down in the same way
that i used to do.
There are thousand and more and more ways \
of coming through.
And we can
dance the life

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love poetrypoetry

Every Last Chip

It takes a long time to figure out what you're really all about,

There's no definitive guide book that takes a frank look, and explains the mysteries of life,

You just have to, "Go in blind," and kind of work it out,

And face and embrace with good grace, its pleasures and its strife.


There's no guarantee that you'll see' "Three score years and ten,"

No end date to state or indi...

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Micromanaging Miniscule Moments

Meandering 'Midst Murky Memories

Mindful Musings

Motionless Mastery

Manipulated Manifestions

Morphing Melodically

Making Music

Marking Milestones





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Please do not turn me into 


leave me out of your


leave my name and


ways for some other


for some other days.


Just write about that

of which you know 


do not speculate


pitch dramatic

verse into the space

I have left.


I've taken my books

from your dusty shelves


stepping over your


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Winnowing Fork and Millstone

Winnowing Fork and Millstone


The precipice has been reached

the abyss lies far below

Retribution comes on a chariot of fire

with clouds descending

vengance is mine says the Lord

Those who have abused and perverted the Faith

their day of reckoning has arrived

Whether it be in a pew or wearing a red biretta

the hand of judgement makes no distinction

He comes with h...

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Butlins Filey 1960 something.

The shed smells of shit


Its not a shed its a chalet

Its boxed happiness

Its freedom

From desolation

Its a summery


With a swimming pool


Full of polio


Cold shivering 

skinny kid


Its the place

We leap

Like national sheep

Laughing in unison

Drunken fornication

Shimmering castigation

We were all happy

Happy happy happ...

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A triolet

I am yet to surrender to the ways of heart.. 
Knocking  on the vestige of conscience is incessant ..
The euphoria and the magic though they impart.. 
I am yet to surrender to the ways of heart..
One hears the mellifluous notes of the Mozart...
But the fate is sealed from the very start.. 
All those dreams are nothing but effervescent.. 
I am yet to surrender to the ways of heart..
Yes, the...

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#love #romance#poetry

Lonesome Complaints.

Lonely little life.

Lonely cold nights. 

Lonely empty dreams.

Lonely dismal thoughts. 

Lonely silent tears. 

Lonely vacant heart. 

Lonely fake laugh. 

Lonely bare hands. 

Lonely broken smile.

Lonely crushed soul. 

Lonely waste of time. 

Lonely little life. 

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Song in my heart

There is a song in my heart and it's only for you,
There will be no lie only true,
We will always laugh and never cry,
We will always live and never die,
Paradise is on its way as we will have paradise everyday,
Only the mighty survive with all there lies they've had to strive,
After extreme pain there can only be gain,
Love is happiness, happiness is love,
It's just like a perfect hand fi...

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Abnormal Behavior



I used to be normal

as dull as it gets

but my mind took a left turn

ain't been the same since


I like being abnormal

I make no pretense

people leave me alone

and give me distance


Let others be normal

for them it makes sense

to all be like robots

I prefer Difference


On being abnormal

I admit with a grin

I've learned to live with it


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March 2nd.

Can't concentrate
Can't sit still
Still can't hide the fact my father isn't here
And for now he never will

Sick of trying to numb myself
With countless amounts of beer
As every march I hear wonderwall
I still shed a tear

I wear a smile on the outside
But just a front for all to see
Somedays I still wonder if my half brother thinks of me

So please excuse me
For today on my face th...

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A Farnham Prayer



On being turned away from a place of worship


Passed the playing children

on through the garden gate,

in haste toward the altar

to pray it's not too late.


But pew on pew is filled with souls

already in Salvation, 

I hear the call to other world's

some other congregation.

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Not Cricket

My wife's sister asked how airplanes can do that

I said it's all to do with thrust and flaps

She said I was being filthy and gave my face a slap

Annoyed, I got dressed and went back to my flat

stopping on the way out to kick her bloody cat

At home the wife was taking an afternoon nap

so I quickly put my pads on and went straight in to bat

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New lease of life

She sit's amongst the piece's

Of broken glass

And photographs

Reluctantly releases

The last

Of what was her past


The door's they slammed like thunder

Her tears they fall like rain

The warnings from her family

Whirl like a hurricane


She's no longer drowning in emotion

She has made it to the shore

She survives

her storm

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the outing

The outing


 It was a sunny Sunday we drove to a park

that has an old house in the middle selling paintings

some of them are good but mostly plenteous crap,

I know enough about art to see the difference.

Naturally, the place was closed since it was Sunday.

But going up a ramp to the park a driver buzzed his horn

they do that a lot in Portugal I told the driver what I thoug...

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Addicts and Users

We are all users and addicts 

We use the nicotine to subside the feelings of anxiety

we use social media for validation that we really only need from oursleves 

we use the tv shows to escape from our own lives even if its just for 30 minutes

we use the music to drown out the sounds of reality

we find it hard to really be ourselves

addicted to the feelings of stability and calmnes...

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Australian Humour

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Australian Humour


Australian humour's dry-like

Dry and droll's can be

And as I am Australian

That's what you'll get from me


The humour which I give out

At times is hard to follow

Now Don you must be kidding me

That's really hard to swallow


You think the python snake

Which ate someone's pet cat

Is just a joke that I made up?

It grabbed it from its ...

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Dying Art

In this modern age of communication

It would seem the art of conversation

Is fast becoming a dying art

Its deteriorating and falling apart

Shouldn’t technology improve our lot

Comms on the move, Comms in a jot

But DM, IM and SMS

Have turned our comms into a mess

The standard of language is coming down

The i-generation are dumbing down

LOL is no laughing matter

TXT ...

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Where I
See rain, you see

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Pyromaniacs on the event horizon

Pyromaniacs on the event horizon

I'd give you fire if you could use it
We could burn trouble for a while

Take you to the room full of secrets
Make love to you just for a smile

I've spent my life entirely naked
Wearing arms around my chest

Sending flares to the event horizon
Asking for a little help

Rescuers come in uniform
Blankets and trucks make a mess

Never waiting for th...

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She, for sure, was  warrior,

When sky was black as gold,

Dragged across the sunless sea

By men without a soul.


Her stories and narrations,

Her lives, as yet untold,

From slave ships and from factories

Were heard amidst the hold.


She heard the tramp of wizened men,

Who shivered in the cold:

Men who never saw the sun;

Nor kindnesses behold.



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The kids are alright!

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The kids are alright!

It could be global warming
It could be global greed
But it took the kids to make a stand
To highlight our planet’s hour of need

And the cries went up of truants
How dare they defy what we say
How dare you leave school early
Come back now and stay!

What for? The kids said
Something needs to be done
You grown ups aren’t even bothered
But there’s a battle to be...

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Thoughts (LOML)

I have yet to loose and not be able to get backbup

I am usually the one that is able to get up Everytime

Only to see now that part of me is lost.

To be and hide behind that I see that I had things I never known or took time to see what was there.

I see I put up a front and hide my true feelings till I break or lose someone dear to my heart

With this I believe I lost the love of my l...

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My M

Its 2 am and I can't stop thinking about you. 
The way your eyes crinkle,
the way your lips curl into a smile
God that smile showing your teeths,​                  ​​​looking at me and i take you in.

Every dent of your skin, every spot,                            all the twinkles in your eyes, the prettiest nose scrunch,                                                                        ...

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feelingsfirst poemlong distancelong distance lovelove


Born from a floating skull
adrift amid the shards
of the Kuiper belt.

A winged god in full

Fertile as an egg you created
the universe 
out of loneliness.

But what strange creatures
glide now in your 
alien heavens?

We, in this village
of water hope to seek
irrefutable hatchlings.

So in your name, libations 
of flesh are made but in return

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God's Question

entry picture



Does a lie has feet or walk 
Only liars have more than two 
Don't listen to a lie as a joke 
Then will help lies to grow 


God will ask; why do you lie? 
So get ready for God's punishment. 
Me, you, them, surely will die 
Should keep ready for last statement 


Get back soon to the early pureness 
And stop cheating creatures
Just in case you look for happiness 
Be f...

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askbackbenazouzcasecreaturedieearlyfaithfulfeetfutureGodhappinesshelp growjokekeeplastliarslielistenlooknowpoempoetrypunishmentpurenessreadysheetingsoonstatementstopsurelytwowalkwhy

Letting go

Let me tell you this 

a secret lies within oneself,

many dare to dismiss.  


Loving one who is broken, 

Creates complication 

And bliss. 


A problem to handle,

That is not ones own. 

A secret to help bury, 

Yet not to hold on ones own. 


The truth is set free,

When their true self is recognized 

By the one who had the power, 

All along on the ...

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Chaos Life Judgement mental healthheartacheLetting GoLove

The Piper's Song

entry picture


I'd play the recorder 

for nightingales

who'd fill the canopy 

and enjoy


And consider the night 

bright with marvels 

until dawn should loiter 

no more


Scars wheals soothed healed

tomorrow save today

here a balm for my wound



These beliefs shan't spare me

composing tears

however I give

the flute all my air

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Spare us the pretentious pap

Close cousin to contentious crap;

They both abound when it's a free go,

Bilious bastards of the ego.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Monday February 25, 2019 12:51 AM

my dear,

you are moving, 

though not nearly 

fast enough for your liking. 

look at the tracks you've made–

pillars that stands behind you. 

you no longer have to sink into 

the depths of the cold beneath you.

you have made a trail for yourself

if only you keep going. 


my dear,

you are making progress,

though not nearly

fast enough for your liking.


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Azeotropic distillation

in svalbard, i watch the northern lights

a neon bruise on the tiny patch of infinity that 

fizzes endless chaos atoms above my head


we’re the ghosts of those who touched us

but if you distil the maelstrom down to its purest form

all that’s left is your heart pumping blood, your brain crackling

and the saliva that passes between our lips when we kiss

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cellular automata |

Alone in Love

Truth is love;

You lied to me.

Love is precious;

You stole from me.

Acceptance is love;

You want to change me.

Love is freedom;

Just let me be.

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She being an uncertain insane

How beautiful everything seems, even all happen contrary

Don't get the idea whether it's a dream, reality or a story 

Neither she feel regret nor any worry, 

It's a kind of feeling which has made her heart awry. 



Continuously only for that face her eyes seeks. 

All the time you can see her those  blushing cheeks 

Fot her, one day without him passes like a week

She wa...

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@artistindia@lovepoetry #love #poetry


Music swirls in caressing spirals,

embracing a shelf of favourite books

thumbed and enjoyed over the years,

each proud and stiffened spine caressed

like mist around oaks once young.


Some of those covers showing their age

and I smile

at the music, its immediacy

and at the desperation of stored print,

the ludicrous desire to know all.


For now I have given up b...

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To a Younger Self

Allow your family to earn pride from your life,

but don’t let that drive your future – disinherit

yourself from the dread pawn shop of parental pride.


Yesteryear’s values are manifested today,

as we’re taught that previous generation’s life

strategies should be our perpetuate creed also.


Ignore the towering expectation, which would

propel you into adulthood living el...

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Cause and effect

That single drop in the ocean

that butterfly flutter

that ripple in the potion

that nervous stutter


The reason follows 'because'

a fall after a stumble

a gamble after a pause

lightening before a rumble


Blooms from the seed

seed from the flower

the cycle of life

revealing endless power


An effect follows a cause

some larger, some small

all fol...

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Are your eyes focused on his smile?

Are your eyes on her pure blonde hair?

What a lifeless moment you both now share.


Is that a couple at the table?

They would rather idolize their phones?

The only thing they want to hear are their own ringtones.


Shouldn’t they be talking their ears off?

How long have they been in the tunnel?

Their onl...

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Also by Ty:


It Happens Between The Lines

now for the ramblings of my mind

A point of interest that I can not resist

The constant jibber jabber of the jabberwalkies keeps tick tickity talking

Constant engraining into my membrane

bound to drive a man insane


I think I will go fishing

awake before the early dawn

put my fishing hat on

push out onto the mirroring lake

and cast out my pain

and reel in a gift f...

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The Real Culprit |

Imprisoned in My Mind

I stand on the hard, black dirt, 

watching the thick fog swirl around me. 

I hear the voices of my family and friends, 

the meows of my grandma’s cat, long since dead, 

and the barks of the dogs, most of which have passed on. 

I watch the memories unfold,

seeing faces, some of which I haven’t seen in years. 

I smile and laugh at some, 

cry watching some, 

and remember al...

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I’m not in love

Lonely heart open ache melting brain 

filling my insides with smoke so I forget my name 

I only wanted love but I ended up driving myself insane 

my life is good I can’t complain except when I look into past mistakes 

Stuck in the memories sealing my fate

Growing up i was happy in a tragic way 

Fallen behind collecting shame 

I fell in love with a different person everyday to ...

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I'll Be There For You

I regret that day
I regret that day 
I let you walk out without a word
I'm still here waiting for you
I'll still take a bullet for you
It doesn't matter how many times you break my heart
I'll always be here for you

This alcohol has me up at 2 in the morning
Worrying about you 
Goddamn living like this is killing me
I'd rather die than give up on you
You're going to give me a heart att...

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I wish

I wish you looked at me with love 

And looked at me with passion 

I wish you held me all the time

Like I was going out of fashion 

I wish I was what you wanted 

When you start to feel alone

I guess what I’m saying is 

I wish I was your phone 


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Death On A Pavement

entry picture

On hard wet ground, exposed like a pulsing nerve,

half a yard from the comfort of grass,


it writhed unsteadily to unheard music, while the

connoisseur’s eye judged its girth from a bush.


Rainwater marinated and near wasted after a night

of passion, casting tired letter shapes as the sun split


clouds overhead, this foot long night crawler knew

of its place on the...

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By Lily

This was not written by me but by my daughter when she was about 12. It is about her grandmother who had cancer and had gradually lost her ability to recognise anyone or remember things. I haven't missed out the last word - that's how she ended it. I carry it in my purse and it still makes me cry.



Remember the days w...

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Images of a High Tide

harbour entrance swell

river bridge

above the beach

the scraping rattle

millions of stones

sucked off the beach

returning to the sea


beside the harbour wall

crossing waves

rearing waves


breaking in foam


onto the shingle

the vast pull

of the receding sea

the undertow of sound


the bay

grey brown sea

under a blue sky


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beachdriftwodfishing netsharbourseaseagullssurftideundertowwaves

Mild February In Manchester, 2019

'What a beautiful morning!'

From my open window upon the Sunday street

Growth is stirring everywhere -

Daffodils and crocuses in the tree roots;

Tight little buds on tender twigs;

Grass curling up for first cutting.

Hmmmmm …...

And my mind flies out into spring sunshine

Like a soaring bird.

The tree is inherent in the thumping chestnut.

The scarlet maple in the saili...

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Pinjara- The Cage

entry picture

Pinjara- The Cage 

"Dharti phele bhi lal hui,Dharti aaj bhi lal ho rahi hai..

Khoon ki Holi chuninda haath ki kheli hai..

Kabhi Riyasaton ke naamKabhi Vyapaar ke naam..

 Kabhi Azadi ke naam,Kabhi Jaati ke naam..

Kabhi Dharma ke naam,Kabhi Kashmir ke naam..

Kabhi Chunaav ke naam..

Kabhi Tarakki ke naam..

Kabhi Gaaye ke naam..

Dabangayio ne kiya iss desh ka kaam tamam..


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Tracing Veins.

Scars show where you've been, not where you're going
Death is the only god that answers when you're calling
Time keeps moving forward there is no slowing
Will you miss me when I'm gone or while I'm going?

Love is giving someone the ability to destroy you
I should have never trusted you not to
Please don't do that thing that you do
You bat your eyes, fake a smile so I forgive you

I trace my...

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Show Me Your Teeth

I wish your body was mine.

I long for our souls to be tangled.

All I crave is connection.

All I seek is approval.

Our savagery is forever,

The killing of time itself.

All I can afford is hope,

But that’ll never be enough.

Take me away from the light

And show me your teeth.

I’ll always be weak to your desires.

So take out your frustrations on me

And leave this pi...

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Wild Flowers

entry picture

In the blue-green meadow

of my silent soul, 

scorpion grass - 

dormant for decades,

now grows wild and free, 

sustaining me, 

spreading love

for the aching world

to behold its beauty.  

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forget-me-notloveNaturepoetry about beautywildflowers

❤☆(◒‿◒)☆❤how was your day ❤☆(◒‿◒)☆❤

How was your day ? Better than mine I hope 

I love you so much it's hard to cope

Wish you where mine, and me yours 

We text in the day till late evening 

She comes home then and its closed doors

I want so much to hold you, for you to be mine

You ask how was my day I say yeh just fine

You say you love me, you know how I feel

I spend my life waiting for a love that's  not rea...

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Listen well into the Night

The throes of broken lovers

unfold before the light

only when it's dark;  late, late, late at night!


Luminous orbs weep

pearlescent tears drip.

Ink on pargmen drops; indigo steeped, deep.


Listen well into the night

the myriads of wrenched souls moan

sax and fiddles serenading: "You are not alone!"


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Pierre de Paris

Pierre de Paris acted wild and free

so much so, that it resembled a show

when he turned up in town, causing

ladies to cry, and their siblings to frown


With cane in hand and moustache finely honed,

he cut quite a dash in those pinstriped

clothes, suits, blazers and jacket with tie

It was like mix and match, apple meets pie


An eye for the ladies Pierre did have 


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Also by Fred Varden:

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Earth God

I seen it comin' I knew you needed my loving promise I wouldn't  hurt you only speak truth into you Didn't see you when you turned your back on me yea I knew what was on my mind was very heavy And I knew something was different about me
I had to meditate a few times a day I saw what was within me yea I saw the God in me roaming the earth steadily I let the God force take control of me it was the ...

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God poetry

Old friends

The tears dries out, 

From a smirk

To wide smiles, 

They never shut her out. 


I'm here they said,

Demons were all chased, 

She was truly blessed, 

To have such great friends.


Seperate ways they go, 

Never truly apart, 

She knew she was loved, 

She swore to never cut, 

A promise she never kept. 


How she tried, 

To not be dead, 

Little did ...

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Reach The Peak of Romance

entry picture

during our blue night together
cold our body has become embers
I embrace you in exciting love
and we'll fly to the seventh sky

I stroked your soft black hair
touched your cheeks looks pink
our lips never stop kissing then
spread our passion flow pleasure

our fondling is warmly directed
in beautiful and sensitive senses
gasping for breath spurred passion
enjoy our human instincts


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entry picture

Isaac Lowthian Bell (1816 – 1904)


In that stern, expensive portrait

he may have hung centre stage

just above his mantelpiece,

he is staring back at the world

like a founding father.


Self-contained and righteous,

he is the one who pays

the piper. Like it or not,

for your own good, you’ll dance

to the tune he’s called.


His name is Isaac Lowthian Bell –


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Also by David Cooke:

Iraqi Schoolgirls, 1932 |


entry picture

Your weak prevarication

And your procrastination

On 2nd referendum

Kow-towing to Momentum

You   Who?

You  Who?

You’ve caused it all.


You’ve met with terrorists

An anti-monarchist

Ally of Trotskyists

Disguised as party activists

You   Who?

You   Who?

You’ve caused it all.


Give us all just one good reason

Why the nine of us should stay.

The l...

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Also by John Coopey:


Concious Confessions

When you cant tell your story without criminalzing others

and people wonder why beautiful butterflies still try to fly 

but their wings wont flutter

What lies beneath is the secrets of a black sheep

lost souls searching for answers as the preacher preachs

she lies under the rug where the dirt was swept

she cries away the pain like when jesus wept

the strain from constant pain ...

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When you start to see the bottom 
Of those leering orange bottles
Threats of existance are especially bleak

Vertigo next to prostration 
Electric synapse undulations 
All the retching is leaving me weak 

Ceaseless verge of trickling tears
Insignificance from past 6 years
Squatting rent free inside the mind

Heart palpitations 
Over social reservations 
Dependence on ties that we bi...

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Also by SadGrrrlsClub:

loose ends |

anxietydepressionexistencemental healthpoemshort poem

A Pot of Gold

entry picture

Six rainbow cloudburst smiles

spectrum of radiant colour

leprechauns dance throughout the night.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Lord Goldenjoy verses Sir Redraw |

magical moments


my new lover is impetuous

I feel her eyes on me
like hammerstrikes on steel

and she says she knows me
like sparks show through darkness

but I cannot come out tonight--

she doesn't know my heart or how
her new tiger has been tried

and she doesn't know that though
I've turned my back against the divide

I will always keep a wide eye focused on the sun
forever setting in the wes...

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Also by elPintor:

autonomous | solitary | distant history | subversive |

Stealing Time

Rays crackin’ jokes tonight,

Jill takes a while, the context

much more poignant than the punchline.

Humour seconded, yet still both soothe her soul.


“Pesto, the Italian Dennis the Menace”

Tastes so much better as

a simile, 

Than the so called toastie dressing

Jill has licked favourably from her lips.


Ray steals more time

I collect another quote,

For the l...

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Also by Matt Townsend:

Mummy remembers a love song |

entry picture

I was on the verge of giving up
I want my heart beats to stop
It was the time to say goodbye
A perfect time to die

I was about to cut my wrist
Thinking this would kill me at ease
Hoping this pain would vanish
A life I was about to unleash

Can't cut my wrist so I took a drug
Overdosing myself would be a haven of snug
Seeing my Lifeless body is what I want
My beating heart has no a pl...

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Maybe some day

Maybe one day you'll understand

Maybe one day you'll lend a hand

You'll be there to have my back

Without being asked you'll pick up the slack

Maybe one day you'll see what i see

You'll be the person who was always there for me

You won't make excuses and say i can't feel the way that you make me oh it is real

You don't take the time to go out of the way

To make me smile to m...

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The Eagle (To Be Read Aloud with Vigor)

Fastly, swiftly, we run our race

The fire burns as we keep up the pace

Fly across the sky at night

An eagle flying in the red twilight

Then slow ---

Slow we flow

Slow like water

Slow like snow

How'd you know what your life's about

Up and down and in and out

Never stop and never go

The river's rest is slow to come

The eagle's nest is hidden from

The eagle's si...

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eaglenature.poems on spirituality


is everything
is nothing is
free is the season
for feeling
the beat of the tree
tell me a story
I cannot dream
for darkness
lives inside
and although
I see a light bright
I cannot stay
outside the night.


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I hear my world better

when there are no words


closed library eyes see

eddying images churn

before being controlled

writing a new narrative


it’s kind of safer than

letting reality intrude


chapters repositioned

shaded recollections

able-body paradigm

altered to glimmer


requiring the world to

turn on my direction



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Response to Section 63 from Tao Te Ching

entry picture

Be more by doing less.

Accomplish more by taking a rest.

Taste more by eating slow.

What seems unlikely

may bring the greatest reward,

as when we treat our adversary

with kindness.


Big weeds grow from a tiny seed.

Infection comes from a small scratch.

Small acts deter disaster.

Humble beginnings can grow into greatness.


The wise one perceives potential


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Also by Fernwood Press:

Player Piano | Poem from One of Our New Collections |

growthpacifismresttao te chingwise mind

Me vs. Me

Just when it looks like

I'm making progress,


  I fumble

an hour and             start to         sp  lit 

                                                   (just like that)


and the other                                half

turns pretty                                      ugly

very fast. 


Then it's me vs.                          me

all weekend.


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Mi amor, sombrío y azul, como el infinito,
Si lo hubieras conocido, lo hubieras amado tanto como yo. 
Mi vida da vueltas a su alrededor,
lo cubro con mis brazos, lo aparto de ellos. 
No importa nada, si no es sobre él,
mis ojos solo ven a aquel niño de azul.

Tengo miedo, de abrir los ojos y jamás escucharte, de caminar lento al lado tuyo y perderte al marcharte. 

Di mi nombre y abre tus...

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Also by Alexa Paola:

Weird Suffering |




Who spared a glance

at the man of dignity

striding tall down Portobello

through Thursday and Friday

in a dapper blue suit,

shirt and tie,

black shine shoes,


walking cane and trilby?


Standing at the corner of the Grove

savouring smells;

peas and rice

and that ganja

he never smoked back home

in Guinea Bissau.



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Also by Rick:

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An Aussie Farmer's Lot.

An Aussie Farmer's Lot.


Ah ! the sumptuosity of blessed

virgin flesh

the thoughts of carnal knowledge

as we hurry to undress


But soft; I hear the lowing

of an agitated cow,

such trial and tribulation

weigh heavy on my brow


Pray hold the moment madam

whilst I service Daisy-Bell

then take a soapy shower

to eradicate the smell !

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Aussie FarmerCarnal KnowledgeHumour


Sunshine in a tumbler, give me a little of your glow.

Make my shadow sweat

Pierce me with those rays , deep enough to scrape the sadness off my brittle soul

And let sunflowers grow in their place

O how I wish to understand the makings of you

Why you decide to go away too long that the nights become unbearable and the moon imposes the tides on me.

Come on over here and give me tha...

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Cursed is the air I breathe,

It carries words fouled by lies,

For myself she will never grieve,

But knowing her, no surprise.


Color of blood and bone,

But of course lacking both,

She speaks through my lips of stone,

I wish to tell but she is loath,


And so the skeleton hand grips mine,

My creation can now create,

Why she, the most cruel design,

Her ta...

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I can almost see it in my mind So clear and yet so far How do i get there How do I get to where you are How do you feel when the beauty is encompassed all around you? Is it too much too bear? Does it all really just fall away? I can hear it, the soft crashing now The breeze blowing through those golden stalks Your skin as soft as velvet do you finally feel complete? You always dreamed yo...

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Honouring Holocaust victims
on the evening of last Monday week
reliving unspeakable  horrors
 through articulate rhyme and speech
we were made aware and reminded
listening silent in mournful array
those despicable thoughts
fired by hate long ago
lurk latent in hearts still today.

Awakened from restive slumber
  "New Order" perverted beliefs
 will repeat ol...

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Also by ken eaton-dykes:

(untitled) |

off-yellow (02/17/2019)

gone days 
of a whispered rack, lashed 
against obsidian history 
these ropes weren't made to slip over my wrists 
but that's what god invented nails for.

dawn days
breaking , split gut and glowsticks 
cured ham and other salted relics :
tryptophobic abstracts
tiger traps to tiptoe over 
the weight of legends heavier 
than bruised absconding feet 

colored nights 

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Jameson's can't say no garborator post mortem



When upon the surface of the earth

pebbles meet a pounding sea,

sit facing me and, eyes blindfold,

pick one and drop it in the space between

your pretty feet, my creaking knees.


We’ve played before, a simple game:

agree the duration of the hunt,

measured as the time it takes for, say,

three cycles of the breakers’ rush

from crashing crest to sucked-ba...

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Also by Peter Taylor:

Seaside Thoughts | UNDERFOOT |


He walks in time on withered legs

The weight of life and death upon his back

And around his neck a pendulum hangs 

Swaying to his beat 


He sows, he scythes gives love and grief 

The steady pace of time 

And lives he reaps to history’s keep; 

Succumb to the march of time

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child like | The red wood | Ochre | Do not wander into this fearful night |

Who are you ?

Be who you are, not what other's expect you to be.

Don't let yourself be influenced. Your only influence should be your life experience.

Don't be sad about what you did. Be proud of where it led you. 

If you feel you belong somewhere, Don't let people judge you. Just go for it.

You are who you are, only you can create you. 

So go for it. Who are you?

If no one could tell you your...

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Also by Émilie Gaudreault:

To afford a non-stressful life |

Missing you!!

How miserably i miss you

The little chit chats i had with you

Your smile and your anger both are cute

Your care and concern makes my lips happily mute


Where have you disappeared

My soul went searching for you

Just before it. could find you

It was time for me to wake from dreams of you


I keep thinking about the times we spent together

Although not much story we ...

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Sunday Morning

Bone china floral pattern cups with curlicue handles on deep saucers, with matching side-plates on white lacy doilies, laid out on a blindingly immaculate linen tablecloth. In the middle, a long-spouted teapot wearing a knobbly, knitted woollen coat sits on a gleaming chrome-plated stand. But all the attention is drawn to the three-tier, silver-framed cake-stand, with its abundance of fondant fanc...

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The Kids are Proper Communists

entry picture

I’ve always supported freedom and equality

I wanted minorities to have equal opportunity.

I believed in promoting a liberal social order,

Showing non-aggression and peace at the border.

I wanted to teach the world to live in perfect harmony,

So that our new Utopia would all be down to me,

But my kids are proper communists,

They want to overthrow the state.

They will give ev...

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Also by Randy Horton:

Language and Viruses |


Please forgive Me Myself and My BPD


When you try your hardest you really do 

But your switches get the better of you 

It's not my fault I try and say but it still doesn't stop me pushing people away 

My actions speak louder than words but my actions aren't created by myself 

There all chemical imbalances that cause my mental health 

I say I'm sorry each time I mess up but there's only so many times people will he...

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Also by Laura Heydon:

Empathetic Daydreamer | Chronic pain | Lost at sea a battle against dementia and me |

apologyBPDmental illness

Last Night

Early evening news


And I’m shouting at the TV


Labour 7 - when’s the fight?

Honda - final worker, switch off the light

ISIS lady - seems contrite?

John McDonnell -  gritted teeth. So polite.

Len McLuskey (from Unite) - Really Len! Unite?

BMI - with its final flight

Jezz and Tessa - out of sight!


And the wife says

“What’s wrong with you?

All you’ve d...

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Also by Stephen Mellor:

Rhyme? |

Losing you in hues...

"Losing you in hues..."

I feel as if our time together was like a sunrise to sunset.

It began with you brightening the darknes in my life.


Much like a sunrise, you brought with you the promise of a new start.

You shined like the sun, bringing me joy and happiness.

I basked in the warm hues of happiness, content and love...


I forgot about the darkeness.

Sadly, I forgo...

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Also by Jay Garcia:

It was only ever fiction... | Hello, my name is _____ | Where does the light go? |


His decline perceived in mine

Cold stares stemming from hurt vanity

That in mine is mirrored his decline


No glint of love or a complicity,

Only annoyance and displeasure

At his decline perceived in mine.


Together for two long lifetimes,

The reason for this change of heart?

That in mine is mirrored his decline.


If this resentment were a joint regret,

It ...

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Also by Jennifer Malden:

Much mourned death of an umbrella pine |





When, in some distant time; no, I don’t mean

Those halcyon days of summer, when you are busy

In a world adults cannot enter.

             Or splashing on shorelines, held tightly by the eternal bond

Of mother and father; or else falling in long grass

Grown taller than your head, while running so fast,

You were a blur to others.


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Also by trevor homer:


For my 6 month old grandaughter



Morning light came up on the shadows of souls

Down lonely dark roads littered with toads

That rained down from the sky, like a biblical plague

To drown out the sorrows’ and errors they’d made


And the rivers like blood, ran deep and dark

As the righteousness stood by, and the mad dogs barked

A fowl stench filled the air… it was one of pure dread

Of countless men...

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The UNDERWOOD Page 8 | Why Bother? | Why? | The Music Box | Hypo | The Digital Dunce | Po’s prose prologue The UNDERWOOD Chapter 2 | Running up Moonbeams | The Sword of ‘Damocles’ | The UNDERWOOD Page 6 | Millstone of malaise | Beyond the neon sign |

#belief #faith #hopeThe Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Turtle Factory

Down the assembly line we go;

the finishing touch - fitting the soul -

is done - we're manufactured - so -

off the conveyer belt we roll -


- one by one.


We make for the beach and cluster there;

an army of turtles - the lakes our lair.


We are green like the night,

and in the distance – the city light;

(stay away from the light).


Let's take a swim,


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Also by Chris Laverty:

Two Flowers | Idle Hours |

the turtle factory poem chris laverty

The Passage of Time

entry picture

When we're younger we all wish we're older. Then when we're older we wish we're younger. Time continuously moves forward. It's the only animate object that defy's the laws of physics and gravity. It stays in motion, it doesn't slowdown, speed up, nor does it stop. You can't press rewind. Once today becomes dusk and the moon is taking it's last wee hours of snooze. The Sun says its last goodbyes an...

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Also by Skyler Wolcott:

That Day Will Come |

Hold My Hand

Across many riotous miles

through blissful years

each minute, every second

we may never know again

for each lightening fast moment

I will touch your heart

with the curve of a careful

letter. You will hold my

hand as we roll over the

desolate period. Then you

lift me higher so I leap

the unsteady question

mark of life

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Also by Npaub Lis:

The Grandeur of Her Reign |

So Right Yet So Wrong

When I know I'm doing wrong, but it just feels so right

When all I want to do all day is simply hold you tight

Your heart has been so broken, and this I know is true

Just want to stay close with you and you know I'll help you through 


There's light at the end of the tunnel, we both can see it there

I'll support you through this time, whether with me or elsewhere

We can get y...

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360 " eyes !

Every soul have thier capsule 

it may be hard as you or soft as me 

yes you have caught it right !

how can we prescribe  with an 1.5 kg? 

to describe the similars of life 

non with miracle wand or pure with seed...

it looks like the same flashes of stars 

when you get to see edges of sphere ..

walk around the circle to reach the helical core.

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The Power of Poetry in Hospice Care 

entry picture

Poetry about Real People - The power of poetry in hospice care 

There is a tension between the advance of medical science, that pursues its ability to fix and treat, and an acceptance of the natural order of death and how that may be experienced. Atul Gawande, a surgeon and health researcher, has reignited this debate with his book 'Being Mortal' (and also presented the 2014 Reith Lectures on B...

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artcreativitydyingend of lifehealthhospicewellbeing

"The Dulling"

Tonight, the smouldering of my heart

listlessly spits out colourless mote.

The fire is no longer blazing,

and my vision is greyed and glazed in

weighted sheets of smoke.


There had been an onslaught

of waning passion;

a slow slaughter of song;

a crucifixion;

a paroxysm of portents

pulling me into their whorling.


A dark night in itself,

with all of its q...

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No entiendo

Me voy hiendo

A otro lado

Y congelado

Palabras no me quedan

¿A dónde me llevan?



A Dios...


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Also by Orvus Nine:

Mestizaje |

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