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A Pot of Gold

entry picture

Six rainbow cloudburst smiles

spectrum of radiant colour

leprechauns dance throughout the night.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Lord Goldenjoy verses Sir Redraw |

magical moments


my new lover is impetuous

I feel her eyes on me
like hammerstrikes on steel

and she says she knows me
like sparks show through darkness

but I cannot come out tonight--

she doesn't know my heart or how
her new tiger has been tried

she doesn't know that though
I've turned my back against the divide

I keep a wide eye focused on the sun
forever setting in the west...

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Also by elPintor:

autonomous | solitary | distant history | subversive |

Things That Look Alike

Things that look alike


Volume 1: "Bright and Innocent!"


The cordial smile of a supposed benefactor 

The caresses of a new unexplored lover

Freshly cooked up ideas, right out of a young passionate mind; not very well though out

And the hope in the words of the confident orator

and the promises of the formidable father

and his proud posture and big gestures

and the ...

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Also by Mae Foreman:

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Unforgettable Togetherness

entry picture

we embrace in the warmth of love
flowing our long-held desires
panting enjoying a kiss
we express sincere passion for longing

at first the doubt felt like a dream
but obviously we have united ourselves
live when fulfilling the will of instinct
time becomes meaningful to two hearts

a little regret why it's only now
we feel like we are out of control
so long we are stuck in a wallow sa...

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Also by Suko Waspodo:

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Iraqi Schoolgirls, 1932

entry picture

Beyond these walls there’s a place

where they are sisters and daughters

and soon, inshallah, virtuous

wives- and mothers-to-be.


Out there where modesty's praised,

their future's determined.

Their allurements buried

like a hoard, each bride-price


is settled. Being who they are

and where they come from,

each is a link in the chain

that holds the world toget...

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Prison Poem



a toilet 

a sink

a door

that clinks


steel bars

barbed wire

and fence

chain link


one blanket

one bulb

one constant




what if

I had not

been caught


no word

from wife

no family



no good


while I'm

in here


to flee

be free

once more

no doubt


one thought


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Why Do I Write?

entry picture

Why Do I Write?


My poetry won't change the world

That needs a move en mass

My cries and pleas are wasted

So is my writing 'trash'?


So why then do I write at all?

If no-one heeds my work

I need to bring what's inside out

From inside where it lurks


As poets I guess we all do this

We write just for ourselves

If others like our work, that's fine

(If n...

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Also by Don Matthews:

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Show Me A Saint

Show me a "Saint," I'll show you a sinner,

Whose moral restraint keeps, "Sinner," inner,

Show me an "Angel," I'll show you the Fallen,

Whose " Inner," made, "Outer," abandon their calling.


Show me a, "King," I'll show you a, "Wretch,"

With pleading hand weakly, meekly outstretched,

Show me a "Martyr," I'll show you a "Fool,"

That was schooled by rules as a sinners tool.


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Also by Jason Bayliss:

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Stealing Time

Rays crackin’ jokes tonight,

Jill takes a while, the context

much more poignant than the punchline.

Humour seconded, yet still both soothe her soul.


“Pesto, the Italian Dennis the Menace”

Tastes so much better as

a simile, 

Than the so called toastie dressing

Jill has licked favourably from her lips.


Ray steals more time

I collect another quote,

For the l...

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Also by Matt Townsend:

Mummy remembers a love song |

entry picture

I was on the verge of giving up
I want my heart beats to stop
It was the time to say goodbye
A perfect time to die

I was about to cut my wrist
Thinking this would kill me at ease
Hoping this pain would vanish
A life I was about to unleash

Can't cut my wrist so I took a drug
Overdosing myself would be a haven of snug
Seeing my Lifeless body is what I want
My beating heart has no a pl...

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On my frequent lone walk by the old docks

I came across a building which turned out

to be a communal bathhouse.

It was incredibly cheap for a few pence

I got a towel and soap and had my first shower

I was at the time, elven years old.

And when I was short of change asked my mother

for not ice cream, but for a shower.

My brother said only poofters went there, ...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

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Schrödinger's Mouse

entry picture

Your love of my raspberries has resulted

in this late evening walk in headtorch,


to hedges of hazel and blackthorn,

far enough from home to foil ideas of return.


Aware of owls ripping through moonlight,

I kneel in damp fescue and sedge,


clutching this tilt trap of quantum uncertainty;

mouse or no mouse? that is the question.


The trap gate opens. You see ...

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Also by Jonathan Humble:

Then It Rains | Invitation To Move On | And Yet | Jigsaw |


entry picture

for Annie - now a school girl



Fairy lights, like stardust,

sparkle and spiral,

lips pout concentration

as fingers explore.

Blue eyes,

wide with amazement,

gaze as bright silver

fuses to gold.

Brown hair,

tied back with ribbons,

is halo'd with tinsel

and crafted with love..


Translucent wings

frame her pale face

as she dreams childhood drea...

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Also by Dorothy Webb:



Looking For Cloud Nine

It's been awhile since 
I could lay back and forget the world
Without my mind pointing a gun to my head
I know it's a sick thought 
If cutting still worked I'd still do it
Don't mind me I'm just a lonely ghost
Suffering in my own little corner
I hate being like this
There's no exit door just four walls

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Also by Damon Blackery:

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Maybe some day

Maybe one day you'll understand

Maybe one day you'll lend a hand

You'll be there to have my back

Without being asked you'll pick up the slack

Maybe one day you'll see what i see

You'll be the person who was always there for me

You won't make excuses and say i can't feel the way that you make me oh it is real

You don't take the time to go out of the way

To make me smile to m...

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The Eagle (To Be Read Aloud with Vigor)

Fastly, swiftly, we run our race

The fire burns as we keep up the pace

Fly across the sky at night

An eagle flying in the red twilight

Then slow ---

Slow we flow

Slow like water

Slow like snow

How'd you know what your life's about

Up and down and in and out

Never stop and never go

The river's rest is slow to come

The eagle's nest is hidden from

The eagle's si...

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Also by Duncan Adelaide:

Balance Number 1 | Introduction to Love | PAGAN THE NIGHT - Vision the First |

eaglenature.poems on spirituality


is everything
is nothing is
free is the season
for feeling
the beat of the tree
tell me a story
I cannot dream
for darkness
lives inside
and although
I see a light bright
I cannot stay
outside the night.


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Weigh the opinion

entry picture

Weigh the opinion

Thursday,22nd February 2019


Let there be a quality based preference

and always be given the reference

for its outstanding presentation

for humanity angle and relation


the literature is the fine medium

where prevails not only the wisdom

but cares for human values

and that is to be viewed by others


it comes from a healthy mind

that sp...

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Also by Hasmukh Mehta:

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My Guardian Angle

They put me in a shape that didn't fit 

I'm not out of shape; just out of it


Hit me once just to try it 

It was a hit so they milked it


We go from indifference

To bursting at the seams


A glitch of biology

Without meaning


Start the discussion

About the shape of the room


The emotional repercussions 

Of all those angles 


Cornering me a...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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I hear my world better

when there are no words


closed library eyes see

eddying images churn

before being controlled

writing a new narrative


it’s kind of safer than

letting reality intrude


chapters repositioned

shaded recollections

able-body paradigm

altered to glimmer


requiring the world to

turn on my direction



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Also by Frances Macaulay Forde:

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Response to Section 63 from Tao Te Ching

entry picture

Be more by doing less.

Accomplish more by taking a rest.

Taste more by eating slow.

What seems unlikely

may bring the greatest reward,

as when we treat our adversary

with kindness.


Big weeds grow from a tiny seed.

Infection comes from a small scratch.

Small acts deter disaster.

Humble beginnings can grow into greatness.


The wise one perceives potential


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Also by Fernwood Press:

Player Piano | Poem from One of Our New Collections |

growthpacifismresttao te chingwise mind


I’ll never forget the day that I met Dawn from Didcot.

Her eyes like pools of fire, all watery and bloodshot.


I found her reminiscent of all of the four seasons.

For a very wide and varied number of notable reasons.


She was Reminiscent of Spring time, of April showers and dew.

Because every time she Shpoke, she shpat all over you.


She reminded me of Winter, of icic...

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Also by John McDonough:

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First Love

Me vs. Me

Just when it looks like

I'm making progress,


  I fumble

an hour and             start to         sp  lit 

                                                   (just like that)


and the other                                half

turns pretty                                      ugly

very fast. 


Then it's me vs.                          me

all weekend.


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Also by Paris Tate:

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Ghosts and Gods

Is the shadow you cast from the sun
the same
as that
sent flooding from the moon?

A man can lose his mind in under a minute
from a lifetime
of non-locality and shadows
become his heroes.

He saw the space inside people,
The vast airs within atoms,
The insubstantial chasm 
Between electrons
Like flying deserts in tiny skies
And he thought himself into oblivion.

We are the monster...

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Also by Kealan Coady:

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A withering

Dried up, shrivelled, exposed, weather-beaten,
This wasting away of the body afflicts with decay
The hey-ho day of the day-to-day.  Friends desert us quite, 
And  no quenching  returns
All that was rubbed away, like stains that do not dry
Wither, languish, and decay. Time pines away.  
In this quagmire, this swamp of guilt, regret,
Spilt water, wine: I forget which itch of memory did the da...

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Also by John E Marks:

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Mi amor, sombrío y azul, como el infinito,
Si lo hubieras conocido, lo hubieras amado tanto como yo. 
Mi vida da vueltas a su alrededor,
lo cubro con mis brazos, lo aparto de ellos. 
No importa nada, si no es sobre él,
mis ojos solo ven a aquel niño de azul.

Tengo miedo, de abrir los ojos y jamás escucharte, de caminar lento al lado tuyo y perderte al marcharte. 

Di mi nombre y abre tus...

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Also by Alexa Paola:

Weird Suffering |


Near Kingswear town there stands a tree

That stand alone and waits for me

To take the track back to the sea

The way down by The Mewstone


Past the beacon in the corn

Built for every seaman born

To the works of war forlorn

At bay down by The Mewstone


Above the rocks - beneath the pine

Look-outs lost in leaf and vine

Still staring out in dark design

Decay do...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:





Who spared a glance

at the man of dignity

striding tall down Portobello

through Thursday and Friday

in a dapper blue suit,

shirt and tie,

black shine shoes,


walking cane and trilby?


Standing at the corner of the Grove

savouring smells;

peas and rice

and that ganja

he never smoked back home

in Guinea Bissau.



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Also by Rick:

Through a Glass,  Pinkly,  | Ma Chouette | By Train |


Butterfly's and nerves


Anxious and scared


Excited and giddy


Our first date in our city.


Head stuck in the past

From the memories of poison gas


Feelings of disbelief 

And hoping it will pass.



This man seems

tender 'honest and caring

From the first phone call

He has not stopped sharing.


I seen photo's of kid's

Laughing an...

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Also by Lysa d:

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'The trouble with Derek'

( In response to an ITV Documentary attempting character assassination

"The trouble with Derek"

about former  Liverpool City  Council's Deputy Leader Derek Hatton and the furore of his recent re-joining of the Labour Party )


The trouble with Derek :

was that he was a socialist

that he was a militant Socialist


The trouble with Derek

was that he was working class,


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Also by Tommy Carroll:

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An Aussie Farmer's Lot.

An Aussie Farmer's Lot.


Ah ! the sumptuosity of blessed

virgin flesh

the thoughts of carnal knowledge

as we hurry to undress


But soft; I hear the lowing

of an agitated cow,

such trial and tribulation

weigh heavy on my brow


Pray hold the moment madam

whilst I service Daisy-Bell

then take a soapy shower

to eradicate the smell !

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Also by David Gabriel Caplan:

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Aussie FarmerCarnal KnowledgeHumour

José Tomas

José Tomas


Slighted by the curse of autism

he was a delightful and cheerful lad

Tall, handsome with personal charm

nothing seemed to daunt or depress him

A manifestation of good manners

a willing helper, seldom dull or downcast

Thick lensed glasses accentuated his eyes

blue and clear, a glimpse of his inner self

Bright, observant with concealed talent

he lived in...

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Also by keith jeffries:

La Libreria (The Bookshop) | The Purge of Victory | He Sleeps in a Box | A Large Wooden Door | The Spring Offensive | The Beast | All will be well | Aerials | National Character | The Sugar Bowl |

Summer Seascape

In the sun's mid-day heat

I see the tall field grasses flow, swell

and come towards me in waves               

surging before the day's wind

the seed-head spume constantly bowing

seems to fall on the field strand where I stand.

The rhythmic onslaught of the waves

continues through the long afternoon - 

a tide of wind-driven swells and rollers

always flowing to my feet, w...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

Y Lolfa | When She Left | The Shed | The Old Field Gate | Snow Fields | Dyn Hysbys |

beachebbfieldsharvesthayhay fieldsseaswellstidewaveswind


Sunshine in a tumbler, give me a little of your glow.

Make my shadow sweat

Pierce me with those rays , deep enough to scrape the sadness off my brittle soul

And let sunflowers grow in their place

O how I wish to understand the makings of you

Why you decide to go away too long that the nights become unbearable and the moon imposes the tides on me.

Come on over here and give me tha...

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Cursed is the air I breathe,

It carries words fouled by lies,

For myself she will never grieve,

But knowing her, no surprise.


Color of blood and bone,

But of course lacking both,

She speaks through my lips of stone,

I wish to tell but she is loath,


And so the skeleton hand grips mine,

My creation can now create,

Why she, the most cruel design,

Her ta...

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No. No title.

I want you to know that I don't want to do this.
I want you to know that I never wanted it to be this way.
That I loved you with all of my heart.
That I would hold on forever if you let me.
But it has become painstaking clear
That I am holding on to something that is already long gone.
I cannot keep watching, waiting, listening
For a sound I will not hear, a time that will not come;
And no...

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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

Dreaming | The Ultimate Blanket Fort | Dreams |


entry picture

"Millionaires" we called it.
A reference to the way we felt when we emerged from the mud.
It's where we gathered to cool off, a small creek with a waterfall and mineral mud we liked to smear on our bodies.
We were soldiers, aid workers, doctors - far from home.
Our job to monitor peace and end suffering in a land where western greed built a mine and turned people against themselves.
We layere...

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Also by Kate G:

Catch the wind | Pay attention | Silent soapbox | Labrat |

Spiritveteranwar poetry


I can almost see it in my mind So clear and yet so far How do i get there How do I get to where you are How do you feel when the beauty is encompassed all around you? Is it too much too bear? Does it all really just fall away? I can hear it, the soft crashing now The breeze blowing through those golden stalks Your skin as soft as velvet do you finally feel complete? You always dreamed yo...

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Infectious laughter

Don't leave your laughter

lying around here

it is contagious and

might infect others

we wouldn't want

people enjoying themselves

and having fun

it could spread like wildfire

rampant and unchecked

run amok and carefree

it may make the world

a better place

and we wouldn't want that

would we?

Haha haha.

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Ghost writer | Gentle caress | Hiding amongst the molecules | Beyond this place | My Realm |


White light

When the bough breaks

And falls to the fathomless earth

When the ground shakes

And it feels like rebirth


Do we look to the skies

With tear stained eyes

Or swallow the bread

And bury our dead.


Is life the only slot

To protect from this blinding spot

Or are we energy

To fly back to the heavens.


There’s no answer

Only faith to relive

The only a...

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Also by Phil Kay:

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Sometimes I find myself in a place

where you and I were once

together and I am overcome

by the memories of what

we once were.

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Also by j.k. Ren:

ENERGY | Heart & Soul | Let Him Go |


Without a care

God is for people who are ashamed of what they have done,
Because they agree they can wash away all their sins,
By killing God's only son,
Only myself can judge me because I'm not ruled by God,
Because I have made myself happy and free,
99 point 9 % are all sinners,
They will find themselves to be losers,
We will be the winners,
To free the people of this world who are kind but in pain,

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Also by Pip Thomas:

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Honouring Holocaust victims
on the evening of last Monday week
reliving unspeakable  horrors
 through articulate rhyme and speech
we were made aware and reminded
listening silent in mournful array
those despicable thoughts
fired by hate long ago
lurk latent in hearts still today.

Awakened from restive slumber
  "New Order" perverted beliefs
 will repeat ol...

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Also by ken eaton-dykes:

(untitled) |

off-yellow (02/17/2019)

gone days 
of a whispered rack, lashed 
against obsidian history 
these ropes weren't made to slip over my wrists 
but that's what god invented nails for.

dawn days
breaking , split gut and glowsticks 
cured ham and other salted relics :
tryptophobic abstracts
tiger traps to tiptoe over 
the weight of legends heavier 
than bruised absconding feet 

colored nights 

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Jameson's can't say no garborator post mortem



When upon the surface of the earth

pebbles meet a pounding sea,

sit facing me and, eyes blindfold,

pick one and drop it in the space between

your pretty feet, my creaking knees.


We’ve played before, a simple game:

agree the duration of the hunt,

measured as the time it takes for, say,

three cycles of the breakers’ rush

from crashing crest to sucked-ba...

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Also by Peter Taylor:

Seaside Thoughts | UNDERFOOT |

Martin's Missing Sweatshirt

Martin's missing sweatshirt

is no longer lost

so he won't be incurring

the replacement cost


But if he did

there'd be change from a quid


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Also by Brian Maryon:

The Magnificent Seven (?) | Martin's Knee | The Man Upstairs | Everything You Need to Know About Gloucester | Ronnie's Pants (and so is his bowling) |


He walks in time on withered legs

The weight of life and death upon his back

And around his neck a pendulum hangs 

Swaying to his beat 


He sows, he scythes gives love and grief 

The steady pace of time 

And lives he reaps to history’s keep; 

Succumb to the march of time

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child like | The red wood | Ochre | Do not wander into this fearful night |

Super Snow Moon

entry picture

Super Snow Moon tell us 

the secrets you keep 

when you orbit earth 

as we sleep.

Tell us it is 

an optical illusion 

adding to our mass confusion.

Tell us of war and peace,

famine and feast.

Tell us please... 

How are we so different 

when it's the same moon we see?

Oh Supermoon, how we hunger for 

your guiding light from above 

to fill us with w...

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Also by Vautaw:

Clouds | Becoming | Stupid Cupid | Echoes of Life | To My Valentine | Ghosting | Sad Eyes | Soul Mates & Muses | Oasis | Soul Flames & Star Dust | Cha-Chi Legacy | Dancing with Addiction | Kings and Scribes |


Who are you ?

Be who you are, not what other's expect you to be.

Don't let yourself be influenced. Your only influence should be your life experience.

Don't be sad about what you did. Be proud of where it led you. 

If you feel you belong somewhere, Don't let people judge you. Just go for it.

You are who you are, only you can create you. 

So go for it. Who are you?

If no one could tell you your...

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Also by Émilie Gaudreault:

To afford a non-stressful life |


There's a cleft in a rock where blood flows out

from a gorge in Turkestan,

accessible only by arduous routes,

those who see it are mightily uplifted.


A blind man apparently started to see

when the sun came round at a quarter to three

on a highly significant alignment day.


A man sells ice cream from a four by four

a queue discreetly off to one side,

many pilgrim...

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Also by ray pool:



Heavy eyes catch the light I’m done with fights 
help me synthesize 
Shifting lies
Something you can’t see between the lines
Hiding behind my own demise 
Constant fear builds inside 
Strike my pride 
This isnt the love I’ve been waiting for all my life

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Also by Youthfullyxx:

Attention |


The dull silent ache goes on forever. 
Years go by in a rusty daze.. 
The mind is feeble but heart goes braver. 
 The dull silent ache goes on forever. 
No regrets to spend it differently ever.. 
Days are just another passing haze
The dull silent ache goes on forever. 
The spark and zeal  keeps throbbing still however... 

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Also by mona s:

Beginnings and endings |

Missing you!!

How miserably i miss you

The little chit chats i had with you

Your smile and your anger both are cute

Your care and concern makes my lips happily mute


Where have you disappeared

My soul went searching for you

Just before it. could find you

It was time for me to wake from dreams of you


I keep thinking about the times we spent together

Although not much story we ...

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Also by Do:

For you!! | Oh Soul dear!!! | Who are the real culprits? | Superior Race? | All for love!! | Speed!!!! | Drug addiction!! | It's a new day!! | by the fire!! | Who is he? | Whispering wisdom!!! | If a hug could fly!! | little corner in your heart!! (love song) | A blanket of HOPE | Haiku (feel of seasons) | If words could find some space!!! |

Sunday Morning

Bone china floral pattern cups with curlicue handles on deep saucers, with matching side-plates on white lacy doilies, laid out on a blindingly immaculate linen tablecloth. In the middle, a long-spouted teapot wearing a knobbly, knitted woollen coat sits on a gleaming chrome-plated stand. But all the attention is drawn to the three-tier, silver-framed cake-stand, with its abundance of fondant fanc...

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The Kids are Proper Communists

entry picture

I’ve always supported freedom and equality

I wanted minorities to have equal opportunity.

I believed in promoting a liberal social order,

Showing non-aggression and peace at the border.

I wanted to teach the world to live in perfect harmony,

So that our new Utopia would all be down to me,

But my kids are proper communists,

They want to overthrow the state.

They will give ev...

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Also by Randy Horton:

Language and Viruses |


Please forgive Me Myself and My BPD


When you try your hardest you really do 

But your switches get the better of you 

It's not my fault I try and say but it still doesn't stop me pushing people away 

My actions speak louder than words but my actions aren't created by myself 

There all chemical imbalances that cause my mental health 

I say I'm sorry each time I mess up but there's only so many times people will he...

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Also by Laura Heydon:

Empathetic Daydreamer | Chronic pain | Lost at sea a battle against dementia and me |

apologyBPDmental illness

Last Night

Early evening news


And I’m shouting at the TV


Labour 7 - when’s the fight?

Honda - final worker, switch off the light

ISIS lady - seems contrite?

John McDonnell -  gritted teeth. So polite.

Len McLuskey (from Unite) - Really Len! Unite?

BMI - with its final flight

Jezz and Tessa - out of sight!


And the wife says

“What’s wrong with you?

All you’ve d...

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Also by Stephen Mellor:

Rhyme? |

Losing you in hues...

"Losing you in hues..."

I feel as if our time together was like a sunrise to sunset.

It began with you brightening the darknes in my life.


Much like a sunrise, you brought with you the promise of a new start.

You shined like the sun, bringing me joy and happiness.

I basked in the warm hues of happiness, content and love...


I forgot about the darkeness.

Sadly, I forgo...

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Also by Jay Garcia:

It was only ever fiction... | Hello, my name is _____ | Where does the light go? |

What made me love Him

“What makes you love him?” They ask me 

It’s the  way he can make me smile when the only thing I want to do is lay down and cry until there is no life left in me.

Somehow he knows all the rights words to say to calm my troubled brain and save me from my own crooked thoughts.

His comfort is like a memory, it never leaves me.

He treats me like no one else ever has, always telling me I’m ...

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Also by Itsjustmedownhere:

Shannon | Ode to Depression |


His decline perceived in mine

Cold stares stemming from hurt vanity

That in mine is mirrored his decline


No glint of love or a complicity,

Only annoyance and displeasure

At his decline perceived in mine.


Together for two long lifetimes,

The reason for this change of heart?

That in mine is mirrored his decline.


If this resentment were a joint regret,

It ...

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Also by Jennifer Malden:

Much mourned death of an umbrella pine |





When, in some distant time; no, I don’t mean

Those halcyon days of summer, when you are busy

In a world adults cannot enter.

             Or splashing on shorelines, held tightly by the eternal bond

Of mother and father; or else falling in long grass

Grown taller than your head, while running so fast,

You were a blur to others.


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Also by trevor homer:


For my 6 month old grandaughter



Morning light came up on the shadows of souls

Down lonely dark roads littered with toads

That rained down from the sky, like a biblical plague

To drown out the sorrows’ and errors they’d made


And the rivers like blood, ran deep and dark

As the righteousness stood by, and the mad dogs barked

A fowl stench filled the air… it was one of pure dread

Of countless men...

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The UNDERWOOD Page 8 | Why Bother? | Why? | The Music Box | Hypo | The Digital Dunce | Po’s prose prologue The UNDERWOOD Chapter 2 | Running up Moonbeams | The Sword of ‘Damocles’ | The UNDERWOOD Page 6 | Millstone of malaise | Beyond the neon sign |

#belief #faith #hopeThe Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Laugh to Live.

entry picture


Happiness, in hands for you.

If you decided, not to be sad.

As a cup of water, to drink.

To clean your thoughts, to be glad.


Sadness, does not need to broach.

It always knocks, worried heart.

But Happiness, with a golden coach.

Asks, to ride happiness cart.


The Brain is yours, “to make use”.

Positively, think of your own.

Feel your value, never abuse.


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The Turtle Factory

Down the assembly line we go;

the finishing touch - fitting the soul -

is done - we're manufactured - so -

off the conveyer belt we roll -


- one by one.


We make for the beach and cluster there;

an army of turtles, the lakes our lair.


We are green like the night,

and in the distance – the city light;

(stay away from the light).


Let's take a swim in ...

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Also by Chris Laverty:

Two Flowers | Idle Hours |

the turtle factory poem chris laverty

For Hunter

I wish I could hide away from the rest of the world in your arms

bury my face in your chest only coming back up to kiss your kneck

Sometimes I miss the way you wouldn't call be by my name, but

instead called me beautiful

You swore to me late at night that I was your soulmate

but being soulmates wouldn't be enough to save you from your one true love

the drugs and the booze 


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Also by erbc:

The Giving | Life After Love |

#alcohol #inlove #helpless #hurt#drugs#Soulmates#teenagers

The Passage of Time

entry picture

When we're younger we all wish we're older. Then when we're older we wish we're younger. Time continuously moves forward. It's the only animate object that defy's the laws of physics and gravity. It stays in motion, it doesn't slowdown, speed up, nor does it stop. You can't press rewind. Once today becomes dusk and the moon is taking it's last wee hours of snooze. The Sun says its last goodbyes an...

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Also by Skyler Wolcott:

That Day Will Come |

Continental drift

Now closer than in recent years

separation is measured by sunlight and moon,

by sleeping and waking,

by cell phone roaming charges.


You live on the edge of Empires

divided by perfumed Seas, Minarets and Steeples.

I exist like a refugee in my crumbling Kingdom, 

yet still it fortifies my heart.


Once when we were worlds apart

when love still served a purpose,


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Also by Wolfgar:

The Voyage of Sleep | Reportage | Survival? | Nomads | Bolton Abbey |

Hold My Hand

Across many riotous miles

through blissful years

each minute, every second

we may never know again

for each lightening fast moment

I will touch your heart

with the curve of a careful

letter. You will hold my

hand as we roll over the

desolate period. Then you

lift me higher so I leap

the unsteady question

mark of life

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Also by Npaub Lis:

The Grandeur of Her Reign |

So Right Yet So Wrong

When I know I'm doing wrong, but it just feels so right

When all I want to do all day is simply hold you tight

Your heart has been so broken, and this I know is true

Just want to stay close with you and you know I'll help you through 


There's light at the end of the tunnel, we both can see it there

I'll support you through this time, whether with me or elsewhere

We can get y...

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Doorstep Beauty

Broadleaved woodland spreads alongside

open meadow, wetland and arable farmland

Cereal and vegetable, thriving in abundance, 

in this gem to the eye of the beholder.


They are sheltered by their taller friends:

Oak and poplar

Cherry and birch

Rowan, Willow, Larch and Pine

I wish these were all friends of mine

Conifer, Hemlock

Sycamore and Maple

Standing tall li...

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Also by Fred Varden:

Decisions | VERTIGO | Sat Navigation | I’m a footie fan! |


entry picture

Poem 116 of 230: MOSES GATE - SUMMER 2000

Bordering Bolton
Lies land with lodges - 
Grassed and paved around,
With decking built on.

As well as these lakes
Of human-made kind,
Croal, Irwell, canal
Meet there like three snakes.

There’s ‘paths for horses,
A birdwatching hut,
An info. centre,
Plus walkers’ courses.

And, surrounding these,
The woods have grown thick,
So, viewed from afa...

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360 " eyes !

Every soul have thier capsule 

it may be hard as you or soft as me 

yes you have caught it right !

how can we prescribe  with an 1.5 kg? 

to describe the similars of life 

non with miracle wand or pure with seed...

it looks like the same flashes of stars 

when you get to see edges of sphere ..

walk around the circle to reach the helical core.

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The Power of Poetry in Hospice Care 

entry picture

Poetry about Real People - The power of poetry in hospice care 

There is a tension between the advance of medical science, that pursues its ability to fix and treat, and an acceptance of the natural order of death and how that may be experienced. Atul Gawande, a surgeon and health researcher, has reignited this debate with his book 'Being Mortal' (and also presented the 2014 Reith Lectures on B...

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artcreativitydyingend of lifehealthhospicewellbeing

Keep Calm And Carry On (The Poem, mk2)


High above your head a pastel dove hangs-
but why would you look away from your daily concerns?
Drive through weathers to reach your destination.
The bird is gliding there. Stand stock still 
for that momentous decision. The bird hovers there.
From the distance imposed on me
I follow the bird with a watchful eye
and therefore yourself through all your battles.
You live your sorrows an...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

The Poem, mk 1 | News From Dartford |

"The Dulling"

The smouldering of my heart

listlessly spat out colourless mote.

The fire was no longer blazing,

and my vision was greyed and glazed in

weighted sheets of smoke.


There had been an onslaught

of waning passion;

a slow slaughter of song;

a crucifixion;

a paroxysm of portents

pulling me into their whorling.


A dark night in itself,

with all of its quietude


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The Drawer


Open me, please

Let me unravel my content

Layer by layer, please strip

me naked


Prepare yourself, be careful

There are lots of sharp 

objects in here

Ready to strike, out of fear


Stay calm

Open me slow

Disarm all the pins and needles

Put away the scissors


Gently handle the knives 

and razors

Give it time, don’t rush

Be cautious 



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Also by Anya:

Green | The String |


No entiendo

Me voy hiendo

A otro lado

Y congelado

Palabras no me quedan

¿A dónde me llevan?



A Dios...


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Also by Orvus Nine:

Mestizaje |

White Lie

Lie to me 

I don't believe you

Look me in the eyes and tell me I'm wrong 

but believe me, I know the truth 

I can feel the emptiness behind your tongue 

speaking of fictional reality 

Try to fool me 

Eventually it will bleed 

I can feel my heart sink into my back 

oh you should have known

even the whitest lie is spoken by evil 

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Also by BIG FISH:

Let Go |

white lies

No, I really don't care what Gail wrote on Facebook

“Ooh, have you seen what Gail's put on Facebook?”

“About Jade's Spanish lodger? Right made me giggle.”

“Bet you can guess what's underlined in her phrase book!”

“When I told our Kylie she fainted in Lidl.”

“She said, ‘well that explains the bar through her nipple! ‘“

“She definitely has. I've seen it full frontal.”

“So I guess the kids have another new uncle?”

“What has she be...

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Also by Darren Winter:

There were only seven chicken meatballs in my pack of eight | A dodoitsu on Tinder | Sandwich fillings: an elegy |

comedycomiccomic versefacebookfunnyhumorous poemhumorous verselight verseShort Funny Poems

A Valentines night: who would've imagined!

And here I am

In the darkness

All alone with my thoughts

Thinking about you.

Two different worlds

You and I.

And literally speaking,

Two different continents!

Yet so close, binded by 

Social media. 

Impostors, strangers, 

And hooligans want to be you!

I would've never thought to say this..

But thanks to them

 I know who you are.

Something in your eyes,


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Not Again, Not Again

You can never get me back

Which I had lost

The respect I had

In the eyes of my

Near ones..

You can’t fill that gap again


Not again, Not again

I am not going to look back again

Please keep distance from me

I already moved on, moved on

Keep your eyes away from me

I think now it’s easy for you to believe


Not again, Not again

Please don’t come again


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Also by Bindu Trigunayak:

You are my Valentine |

Pinch me

Why is it that i often find myself asking those around me

how they feel about something after they vent to me?

i want in depth details, its addicting...


could it be because i am so empty on the inside

that i have a need to know exactly what others are feeling? 


...someone pinch me

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I crave your very presence.

To the point where I am starving inside.

Your touch is the greatest of Christmas presents.

In you, my heart has chosen to confide.


Your smile radiates far more than a thousand suns.

To the point where shades don’t block the glow.

Your heart is strong enough to carry a thousand tons.

Because of you, I would live in fire o...

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Also by Ty:


love of a vinyl obsessive: (a short valentines record poem)

Anyone asking if i am single today
will be told i am the album.
a long player by trade
there is room for extended play also
although anyone who puts you down as the 7" or 12" extended mix 
is only after one thing.

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Also by Keiron Higgins:

No more heartfelt apologies. | confessions of a vinyl addict |

The Three Kings, Clerkenwell

entry picture

i.m Caroline Jones


Today’s special: Toulouse sausages

and mash, or pumpkin ravioli.

Quizzical rhinoceros head peers

from wall papered with celebrities.

WC Fields behind the bar. Poster

of Chet Baker, should be Bobby Moore.


A stopped clock. Coals glow

in the grate, warm, darkening gloom

of a wintry weekday afternoon.

It’s time for rum. There’s no one

left ...

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How have I become who I am?
Who has made me what I do not know?
My life has been mystified
Puzzling me till I die
I have become what I loathe

Anger a conflagration that eats me up
Turning me hostile to my consciousness
Anger has made a fragment of my reflection

Fear a second piece of my miserable self
Turning me to a buffonn
Phobia has been a fragment of my avarice

Happiness a motivatin...

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Also by Joshua Balogun:


Fragmentmind creatiommonument of life

No Trust

What good is voting if they don’t believe your vote . What use is voting if they don’t honour your votes . Why should we believe in them when they don’t believe in you . How can we forgive when forgiveness is very really true . How can we trust when trust has to work both ways . And how can Goverments govern . When Governments don’t listen to the people Who Put Them There .

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Surplus’s Fat | Faith In Others | What a load of waffle | Don’t let them Fob you off |

our trust has been eroded

American Girl

I love you, American girl, even though
          you can’t spell aluminium,
          or colour, foetus, sanitise,
          you don’t know what a biscuit is,
          or how to use a roundabout.
American girl, I know it’s hard,
to change your ways, to let go of the past.
I love you, American girl, even though
          your portions are all super-sized,
          you’re sugar spooned...

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Love Poem

That first valentine’s day you were still vegetation
And upon advice I booked us in a vegan restaurant
In the middle of the Northern Quarter
Only for you to be more interested in the shake and fries
Than the actual burger itself made in a love heart.

The second year you had gone back to Chicken burgers
So, I booked us into Chroma in the middle of Prestwich
Only to get told upon arriving...

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entry picture


When I go to sleep
Thinking of my debit slip
For you I keep a side of my bed
Even when things between us show red

Still wait
Papa say he one sell he car

When I sleep at night
My unforgettable drive still light
I still wet my pillow
Do you only follow rich row?

Still wait
Mama don sell some of her wrapper 

Use my pen to tickle your part
Moaning silently like bat

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Also by Kporho Vwede Daniel:


My Love is Like a Crème Brûlée

entry picture

My love is like a crème brûlée

Worshiping her on my knees I pray

She puts her spell on me and gently down I lay

On an inviting bed of warm comforting custard

Swimming together in an ocean of blissful tranquility

The scent of her vanilla perfume intoxicates me

She quenches my thirst and feeds my carnal hunger

We skate and glide giddy with burning desire

Across a cool crisp c...

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What Love Is.

Love is a fire,
Causes desire,
Willing to care,
Wishes to share,
Needs a touch,
Kiss you so much.
Love can open any gates,
It can conquer any states.

Love is always young,
Beautiful songs are still unsung.
Love is our choice,
It has its own voice.
Sometimes love hurts,
Sometimes joy reverts
Loves are the best things,
It happiness brings.
It’s impossible to forget,
True love you’...

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You’ve left me no other choice.

I have searched for you for years, clawing my way through faith after faith.

But it seems like you pushed the button on The Big Bang and then wandered off, our universe not shiny enough to keep your attention.

But you left fingerprints: the hummingbird and the Andromeda Galaxy.

You left no message to follow, but billions have claimed to have followed the...

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A Nasty End

Do I sense you quivering?
Do you know your end is nigh?
Is there peace in your last seconds?
Will you greet them with a sigh?

Do you sense my blade above you?
Are you prepared to feel each cut?
Were you hoping for some mercy?
Do you know that door is shut?

Do you get that I am smiling
as I decide which way to slice?
That your golden days are over
and now you have to pay the price?

You should lie there and acc...

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I’m stuck trying to revise old moments with you 

when I realise that they are no longer there 

Not like in a “I’ve locked them up and thrown away the key” type of way 

This isn’t the doing of my subconscious either 

These memories have been stolen from me 

By time 


All I wish is to relive seconds of your hands on my bare skin

The cashmere softness of blankets beneath us 


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Just a Few Bars

No matter where, no matter how long.

It takes just a few bars of that worn song

To choke that lump you thought you’d swallowed,

To wade again through that already wallowed.


A laugh at such a foolish feeling,

Minutes to add to those they’ve been stealing.

A week ago, to my dismay,

It sounded different. What’s different today?


Something in the air perhaps, or even i...

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