Aging Rock Stars



Aging rock stars

exhibit no shame

forever on stage

their skin wrinkled

their faces sliding downhill

their hair thinned out

their stomachs paunchy

still they go on

pretending they are still relevant

they love the adoration of the fans

who come to see them

wondering if they still have the moves

or if they will collapse on stage

like driving by an accident

there is curiosity about a train wreck

people want to see for themselves

rock stars whose skinny jeans are no longer skinny

their feet no longer steady

still they pine for recognition

the spot light does that to them

they get so used to the light

the swooning

the ovations

it's not about the music

it's about the fame

they cannot give it up

they are addicted and high on past glory

the screaming fans

the fawning press

once a rock star

always a rock star

in the museum of their minds.



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Thu 14th Feb 2019 13:07

Great poem

I love that last line, what an analogy.

Number One Hit here d



Thu 14th Feb 2019 12:45

we are alike
aging rock stars
and old poets
born to create
something out of air
words or music
keeps coming
we cannot stop.

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keith jeffries

Wed 13th Feb 2019 16:46

I have often wondered what makes them persevere into old age. It can’t be money. Perhaps they quite simply love performing. A good and well thought out poem which presents the reader with something to consider. Well done. Thanks Keith

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 13th Feb 2019 16:23

I have to confess to enjoying hugely the visit by the Rolling Stones to
Cuba - and the massive welcome given them by adoring fans there -
shown on a TV documentary a while ago. Of all the big Rock groups
they remain determined to "Not Fade Away". I would even enjoy
them doing their stuff sitting down and/or in wheelchairs with the
right moves!!! 😎

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