Introduction to Love

My love for you wells up from


A feeling indescript

A warmth rising from the heart

A rush of oxytocin through the


Immediate and pressing

Without urgency or smothering

Felt from my legs to my


And in every chakra the yoga-doers tell us of

From the crown above my head

To the root they speak of in awkward Puritanical tones

Tones we do not need, my love, tones no one needs

But never has that been more clear to me

Than when I am with you

And the warmth of our human bodies pressing


Speaks truly of what is real

Speaks truly of what is right

And in those precious moments

The dark gives way to light

A light like moonlight, a light like fire

A light like sun, a light of desire

And the industrial-flourescent death called lovelessness

Screams in a corner and satisfyingly dies

Killed by intimate kindness.

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