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Overwinter Under Wing

To long for the tall and rounded neck

Of the swan overwintering.

To wind it round all snug and warm,

Tucked and sheltered under wing.


To see me through to daffodils,

When the long nights up and scarper.

But first the wind will undress trees 

And its bite will get much sharper 


For now the song has dimmed to still

And the sun just won’t stay put.

The air is g...

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Sun's Tease

Sun is teasing me,

Making its way through…


Cracks in the cloud,

Gaps between buildings.

As if it’s not allowed

To give all that it’s yielding


Yet still it finds me,

For just a few beats…


Over roofs, on my brow,

A little hope it can shed

Not for long but just now,

Warms the corner of the bed.

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Just a Few Bars

No matter where, no matter how long.

It takes just a few bars of that worn song

To choke that lump you thought you’d swallowed,

To wade again through that already wallowed.


A laugh at such a foolish feeling,

Minutes to add to those they’ve been stealing.

A week ago, to my dismay,

It sounded different. What’s changed today?


Something in the air perhaps, or even in ...

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Ode to Coffee

Bitter sweet,

Morning treat,

Brims a sturdy cup.


Wakes tired eyes,

Tells the body lies,

Leaves a heart rate speeding up.

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Stones in an Hourglass

The day is longer than I give credit
Its promise a trait I often edit

This ailment is guiding all my thoughts
On the lore that I am yet to be taught

And what seems an inconceivable goal
To fit them all in, take its toll

So much to advertise the easy bet
So much to tempt to sink and forget

That days, like stones that land ashore
Some can be brighter than ones there before 

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Murmuration pier

In a bitter late winter’s light

On a smoggy backdrop of the sun’s goodnight


Score of arcade pop and sirens sound

Cameras clicking and public astound


Consume the scene, they flock, they swarm

The show is now and now they perform


Like cooling tea in morning sun

They stroke the surface then swirl up as one


Tiny fibres, they vibrate the same

The silent mu...

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The Mixture's right

If all I’ve done isn’t quite enough

But it’s enough for a shallow night

If tonight’s my last, it won’t be so tough

It’s fine because the mixture’s right


Three great notes, you kept in the back

They play now and you feel the same

As when all the trains were kept on track

And life was a winning game


A tiny window of time well spent

A pen to paper, a mind with sen...

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Selfishly Hopeful

However hopeful a feeling

Some would be left reeling,

Would leave tomorrow without a greeting

To know hope could be so fleeting


If so selfish or altruistic

Hope can seem just unrealistic

Perhaps ‘twas there in drunken need

A separate drink would cause to plead


For reunion with the previous thought

The calm, contented one I fought

With bloody bleakness and co...

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Despair - The Word

Despair, ironically the word
Where print before me or even heard
Can change the mood or shift the tide
Can leave my lips yet stretching wide

A rule so often among my prose
Concludes we all possess some woes
This word induces I to clock thee
A word perhaps intent to mock me

A hopeless word by definition 
Discordant from my current condition
Can sometimes leave my concerns spilt
And l...

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Man made, masonry maze
So distant from our base
Open heart and an hourly haze
An everchanging face

Years would take to see each square
And elsewhere are our years 
One could be a long affair
Rest stay behind the ears

Or perhaps with perfect planning
Not all but many fit
Squinted eyes and vision panning
A few could see you sit

Wonder where to place the blame
The picker of our len...

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