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Soul Mates & Muses

You found your 

soul mate?

I’m genuinely 

happy for you!


and unicorns 

are more common 

than soulmates. 

Please, do the lost 

and lonely among us 

a favor of great 


Make her 

your muse

so we can 

feel love too.



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Sad Eyes ►


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Sun 10th Feb 2019 17:55

Thanks for reading and your feedback Adam. I agree, sometimes simple and uncomplicated is better, but a poem reads different depending on the line breaks. I recorded both versions. I can easily waste hours on a word or line break! I wish it was an easier process for me and not overthink it, but it seems to come with the gift.

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Adam Whitworth

Sun 10th Feb 2019 10:58

I like this.

I wonder if there's a problem with writing it in longer (dare I say more 'natural') lines, something like this:

You found your soul mate?
I’m genuinely happy for you!
Mermaids and unicorns
are more common than soulmates.
Please do the lost and lonely among us
a favor of great significance,
Make her your muse so we can feel love too.

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