The Spring Offensive

The Spring Offensive


The forces of Spring have begun their early offensive

against the entrenchments of winter

The colours have advanced into the darkness beyond

winter´s forces begin to retreat and take up new positions


Ground is being taken as daffodils come in support of snowdrops and crocus

frozen earth is broken by the onslaught of new advances

The whole of nature forms an alliance to vanquish the frozen wastes

the birds observe the battle in progress


Buds appear on the observation posts of awakening trees

the alarm to end hibernation is sounded from trench to trench

The battle gathers momentum as clouds are banished by the sun of Spring

It will be some weeks before victory is announced


Yet it is assured by nature´s strong alliance

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ken eaton-dykes

Thu 14th Feb 2019 00:59

Nature does its best under the most trying circumstances..

A delicately balanced picture Keith

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Wed 13th Feb 2019 12:36

Some great analogies here Keith.

This is my favorite …"The colours have advanced into the darkness beyond"

No retreat no surrender... Spring cometh


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