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Slimming World

Slimming World.

They say that life is brighter with Slimming World 

With Slimming World you will be happier and lighter 

Eating free foods, foods you love and counting Syns 

Before long you'll be feeling better and faster on your pins 

So much free food just eat till you are full

shopping and preparing is so much fun; it's never dull 

Classes are so valuable educating you to...

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Slimming World

Our World Is Disappearing

Water is rising floods sent from hell, Corona virus too

Everybody pondering but there is nothing they can do

Global warming distroying our world it's not going to end

A disaster after another, no one know what is round the bend


Save the earth be mindful they tell us. Stop it getting worse

This can't be fixed by hand, or all the money in ones purse

How do you stop ice from me...

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Caronafloodsgodmother earth

Corona Virus

Corona Virus is sweeping causing panic and fear

Many lost to it now. It's in the uk it's starting here

Pray that a vacine can soon to found ? 

Stop the corona in its tracks, don't hang around 


China god bless you, so many you have been lost to it 

Do something God, make it go, we don't need this sh..

Pray that is all any of us can do. Pray people won't you

Banish and stop...

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Corona virusepidemicpandemicplague


Yesterday all my troubles melted like soft snow 


I loved you more than you could ever realise or know


Hand in hand our future ahead.  Today, I wake you're dead. 


Taken in the blink of an eye. Can't make sense of it all.


Knife crime on the rise, now you're the victim my Paul.


I vow to get you're attacker locked up forever inside 


He has no place to hi...

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knife crime

Sad Valentine

? Today I ached so deep in my heart for you 

Yet my tears where all in vain, and wasted

You don't want me, you never have really care

A fool I throw myself at you, I love you dearly

24/7 I pray you will be mine, yet your with her

There is no real love why should you care

My head thinks about you 24/7 can't stop it

I am deeply in love and I honestly admit 

Your my night and ...

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I tell you that I love you, you are loved dearly by me 
You don't say a word as you say its never going to be 
I know I am foolish to love, when we have never met
The last 21 years I have totally loved you don't forget

Sometime we get on ok, we laugh you make me smile
I pray that you could love me and show it for a while
You resist saying its never going to happen no way
I try yet, I just...

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Valentine in heaven

❤️Happy valentine my darling, I miss you so this day❤️

      Even though you are in heaven I just want to say 

     I send a rose ? as a mark of my devotion to you 

           Till we meet again when my life is through 


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Blow wind blow

Strong powerful it hit the shores, sea waves crashed over sea walls 

Powerful determined to be free. Death total rising trees falling. 

Thunder lightening flashing the sky. Tin cans and dust bins pass by.

This storm out to destroy everything in its path and beyond tonight. 

Rain lashing down, drains can't take this water, we have floods now

Its worse than a monsoon feels like a TV f...

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Only In Dreams

How wide is the ocean, how far away are the stars

Is there really life up there on Mars ?

heaven they say is above us and hell below

Many question but answers are few you know 

Nothing is for certain except I know I love you

in my dreams your my lover with out you I'm blue

Its Valentine's Day made for lovers who care

Yet  we only meet in dreams your always there

We make lov...

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The Northen Lass

Teacher stood Saying Marie converse in verse ?

Eh said I, This class is hell its the worse 

I can't write or talk Petry and all that crap stuff

bugger this I thought I've had just about enough

I went to toilet then ran all way home that day

I hate bloody poetry,  not doing it, no way?

Next day on detention I had to write a verse

I tried saying I was ill, I needed the school nu...

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No one could come close to you in my eyes it's you 

I think about you constantly, with out you life is blue

you tease sometimes you hurt my feelings, I cry 

Yet with out you I would curl up and just die

you are my everything, my love, my man yes you

I could walk away from anything except you,  my glue





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got your letterLove


Grandads old chair is empty now, he gone

People say a lovely man hats off to John

a coal miner in his working years, poor sod

His lungs where damage by when 40 0dd 

pit dust rotted his chest and lungs inside

Suffering we watched we could not abide

They sacked him his job he couldn't keep

couldnt catch his breath, nana would weep

he coughed up coal dust from in his chest 


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Grandadyou may kill me ego died


                                 (This is my real curse)
Insomnia a horrid curse

can't sleep can't converse

everyone in the house well away

got to be up early as well today

insomnia had it all my life 

it sucks, I am tired that's life

wish I could close and drift away

awake all night till the break of day

hubby snores so loudly each night

to try and nod I fight and figh...

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Crystal - Poem by Marie 

My crystal I hold you in my hand
Take me to a far away land
here on earth or up in space, 
Take me to a far away place

... Show me heaven and a far away land, 
as I hold you tightly in my hand
wrap me in a blanket of spiritual lov
Through time and the veil now we rise above

Magical crystal work here with me
show me that which I want to see 
A glimps of the...

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Tree of death

The Tree Of Death - Poem by Marie 

It was a really lovely tree
Roots deep spread underground
Its beauty made the people smile
They came to see it from miles around

Then one day a mad man came
Hung himself on a branch
Now passers by say its cursed
They never give it a second glance

Man took its beauty and destroyed it
His corpse rotted hanging from that tree
Now no one will go near...

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Two Angels

Two Angels - Poem by Marie 

Two angels in a sat bar one night 
Thinking something's wrong, it isn't right 
its like a silence has fallen over the earth 
no one needs saving no deaths or births 

They did not know that they had fallen 
they had been bad and missed their calling 
god banished them from heaven to earth 
calling it their second birth 

so over a beer and a smoke or two 

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I am still here

Am Still Here - Poem by Marie 

Hello I am still here 

My mother used to visit a medium 
A lovely old dear 
She would say I have your father 
'Whispering in my ear' 
She would relay his message 
Loud and clear 
Granddad had gone 
But he was still so near 

Beyond the veil all still go on 
When we die still we live on 
As I got older things took a turn 
I heard those voices 
Yet I...

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She woke up dead

She woke up dead, yes dead in her heart 
She thought they would never ever part 
The Wicked man of stone ruined her life 
Why did he ask her to be his wife 

He knew he already had one tucked away 
She tries to cry but she woke up dead today 
A bigamist and a sweet girl of twenty three 
Signs where there she just didn't want to see 

Three week into the marriage a knock on the door 

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Snow - Poem by Marie 

People say its lovely, picture postcard looks 
In reality picture postcards are better off in books 
I have never liked the white stuff, or slippery ice 
Something about its dangers tell me its not nice 

It covers most of England, like a blanket of death 
I have never liked it, walking in it leaves me out of breath 
I slipped in it once and broke my leg, so I curse...

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ice and snow

Floaters in the eye

Floaters - Poem by Marie

I have big dark floaters in my eyes interfering with my vision 
the optician said its old age, from which there's no remission 
I remember when I was twenty I could see for miles ahead 
Now these eyes are not like mine, imposter's in my head 

I sat there and I got through the eye tests only to be told 
You need to wear bifocals. I picked some trendy glasses 

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Boy on a platform 4

Boy on a platform Wanted a date 
Waited to see her but train was late 
He watched her daily she looked posh 
He wanted to ask her out for some nosh 

Boy on the platform disappointed again 
British trains are such a blooming pain 
tomorrow She will be on time and say yes 
This boys love life's Such a untidy mess

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Girl on a platform

Girl on a platform sat alone 
seems she is a long way from home 
wish that she would sit with me 
Alas I know it will never be 

This poem was inspired by the TV add 
About a young girl and a wishful lad 
I hope to write a whole lot more 
Girl and boy poems by me galore

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Boy on a platform 3

Boy on a platform Dripping in sweat 
Looked so sexy, I'll never forget 
In his hand a diet coke 
This is just my kind of bloke 

Boy on a platform wipes his head 
How I wish he was in my bed 
His train pulled in he never knew 
he'd turned me on in every ones view 

As the train started to move away 
I hoped I'd see him here again one day 
Boy on a platform was it a dream 
he melted mo...

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Boy on a platform 2

Boy on a platform in tight jeans 
In an instant caught my eye 
Made my heart start to thump 
as he passed me by 

He was about maybe 20 
out of my reach as I am 32 
Yet I smiled right at him 
There was nothing else to do 

He face went redder and redder 
his blushing drove me wild 
Yet comparing ages to me 
The hunk is just a child 

Boy on a platform got on train 
I wished it was ...

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Boy on a platform 1

Boy On A Platform 1  
Boy on a platform looked so fine 
How I wished he was mine 
My glasses steamed up at the thought 
I wish I had a net, this boy would be caught 

He looked so fine in his check shirt 
I imagined him rolling me in the dirt 
Boy on a platform was joined by his girl 
But I will never forget him, I am still in a whirl 


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Johnny stood besides his brother 
crying Tommy look after mother, 
He was going to fight a bloody war 
tears fell as he walked out the door 

His mother prayed all night for peace 
asked the lord to let the gun fire cease 
innocent children taken from this life 
pain explosions sharp cuts the knife 

dying men decay in the ground 
A solution to peace has to be found 
no more ex...

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Rest in peace lovely <3


Its not been set in stone, ignore the 2012 hype 
world won't end in 2012, what a load of tripe 
it's just rumors, please just have faith again 
in 2013 we will be doing the' same old' Amen 

Having said that make 2012 A great year 
carry on doing the deeds, have no fear 
hope and pray all wars will cease my friend 
Have faith in humanity, peace thoughts send 

Yes 2012 is in with all goo...

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2012the end of the world

Oh lord god in the hearts of men and women plant a seed 
Let it grow to take away every bad thought and bad deed 
War is something to forget, firmly leave in the past 
All our Soldiers in war situations get them out fast 

Were all born to die so why do it with Bloody War 
Families should grieve for battle fell loved ones no-more 
Set your heart god to cleaning the hearts of all men 
in pe...

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Extra Extra

Extra Extra Read the Local News 
Woman writes poetry to amuse 
A local girl born and bred right here 
She write all kinds Laughter To a tear 

Extra Extra Boy Your Local Rag 
Local Poets From our town Brag 
Local girl Wins Comp today 
Her poetry is here to stay 

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To hell with the 'Diet' lets all be Fat 
Eat what ya like just like that 
No more counting calories 
Eat just what you like 
To hell with the diet 
Lets all just be FAT

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Diet Prayer

Dear lord when I sleep tight tonight let me lose a stone 
I promise if you do this god I will no longer moan 
Make cakes, sweets and fast food, be free food everyday 
I promise if you do god, I will go to church every day 

Dear lord also make my Bust shrink and my Bum 
Carrying this extra stone god really is no fun 
Let me eat what I want morning noon and night 
Unlimited amounts of choco...

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My Friend Phil

My friend got abducted by aliens, they took her in their ship 
The beamed her with a magic torch, it made her kip 
She woke up quite Drowsy, No idea what they had done 
One said in broken English 'Boy that was fun' 

She thinks that they looked in her mind, laughing as they read 
The prong marks on her belly itched and where all red 
Before she knew it she was home in Ireland in her bed 

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Last Night

Last night as I lay thinking, you sneaked into my head 
I tried to turn you off from thoughts, but you stayed instead 
you made me remember valentines nights from long ago 
Me and you out for the night, kissing dancing slow 

I remembered how you said you loved me, and I you 
Then came the laughter and the places that we knew 
making love was easy that was before the war 
then out came a s...

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Wanna be a star

She wanted to be a star, Well known near and afar 
Someone posh in a Brand new car 
She wanted to be a star, Her fave in glossy mags 
dressed so fine, not in rags 

she never made it to be a star in her life 
She got pregnant and became a Gypsy boys wife 
Always shabby chic, kids in tow 
She wanted to be a star but Could not say NO 

She Wanted to be a Well known Star in Films on TV 

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You say that you love me, yet you still hold a grudge 
I have tried every trick to erase it, still it wont budge 
I told you I was sorry john time and time again 
I would never have hurt you or caused you pain 

If you would shout at me god I hate you then OK 
instead each day you punish me making me pay 
I stood on your pet spider, so what big fat deal 
This hatred you now feel for me is ...

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Lottery - Poem by Marie 

I have never won the lottery 
but if I ever did I'd buy 
A lovely little run a round car 
something pleasing to my eye 

The color of my car would be yellow 
it would be nick named The sun 
I would drive to all the beaches 
having loads of holiday fun 

I have never won the lottery 
maybe that's because I do not play 
but the thought of winning millions 

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Aunty Fanny’s Funeral

Auntie Fanny's funeral day oh my god what a to do 
They had all thirty stone of her, all dead for all to view 
I never knew she had a mustache little billy said 
at that his dad took off his cap and slapped him on his head 

When the cortege started off, the back tired on car went pop 
forcing all the traffic in Liverpool to come to a stop 
Then as if it could not get no worse it and well t...

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Fashion - Poem by Marie

I am a mannequin fashion me today 
bend me shape me any way 
Make me look like your woman 

I am you mannequin I love you 
look into my eyes shy blue 
Take me break me into pieces 
Dress me in your fancy fleeces 

Show me off in any style 
I have just one request 
Please go with me the mile 

I am your mannequin, I'm all yours 
we can open many doors 
do w...

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Bangladesh - Poem by Marie

Oh Bangladesh I loved you and the Bay Of Bengal 
my dream was to visit but my children where small 
To fish in Noakhali, then lay all day in the sun 
My true love said that life there was so much fun 

Alas like all things my dream came to an end 
The love that you send me was only to lend 
I never made him mine you see 
he returned to quickly to his land by t...

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Indiawalmart sweatshop Bangladesh work


My Irish Granny - Poem by Marie

A Tribute To My Irish Granny 

By Marie Hurst on 17 June 2011 

land of my grt grt grt grandmother beckon to me 

Lure me home over the Irish sea 

There with eyes of pure emerald green 

My granny once walked, my Irish queen 

Mary I never knew you, I wish I had 

You died long before for that am sad 

All I know is you where my granny 

my Iri...

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Poetry - Poem by Marie

I do it in the Bed room do it in the hall 
I have also done it leaning on a wall 
I tried it in the grass even on the beach 
There is no where sacred or out of reach 

I just love writing POETRY all day 
seems that in verse I have a lot to say 
just jot it all down, then re read 
poetry is my food, I eat with such greed

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Cold Sore

Cold Sore - Poem by Marie 

Just one Kiss was all it took for the cold sore to emerge 
I don't know why I kissed him, I Could not resist the urge 
His lips never tasted of chocolate, So what was there to taste? 
Now am trying everything to get rid from vinegar to toothpaste 

My mam always said don't kiss the lads stay clear till am wed 
with a sore like this on my lips I can never leave m...

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Cold sore

It’s All Gone

Its All Gone - Poem by Marie 

There was a time when she lay on the settee legs slightly parted it turned him on 
Now at fifty two it does nothing, her magnetic sex appeals gone 
There was a time she would look in the mirror and see a sex goddess 
Those day are Dead her beauty no more a subject to address 

There was a time when wolf whistles made her blush when out in the street 
The worl...

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Miss Polly

Miss Polly - Poem by Marie 

Polly loved a sailor who sailed the seven sea's 
her mother never told her about birds and bee's 
She enjoyed all the slap and tickle with sailor Dan 
When he got her knocked up, the sailor ran and ran 

Polly had a baby a bright little blue eyed boy 
Then she had seven others, men where just a toy 
the last one was a post man after emptying his sack 
The bug...

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Shop Sale

Charityshop Sale - Poem by Marie

looking in the shop window I stood there in shock 
Special offer it said, clearance of old stock 
I knew I had to have it, The price was so Right 
On the way home I held it close and very tight 

I almost dropped it, there was snow on the ground 
God I am so Lucky, I cant believe what I found 
In The house I unwrapped it, with a glint in my eye 
I quickl...

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Pie From Wigan

Hey There was this hungry girl from Wigan 
Who bought a Spud pie a big UN 
She ate it fast as fast could be oh dear me 
Then choked on the bugger, crying god save me 

Everyone in Wigan Loves Spud Pies Galore 
Wigan pie shops thriving bursting at yon door 
So if you ever visit this little town 
Try a spud pie you'll enjoy it. It'll not make you frown

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Dead Roses

Dead are the roses that you sent to me 
The words you said as well 
Everyone said to me you'd put me through Hell 

Gone the Memory of your kiss on my waiting lips 
Why you went away I don't understand 
Was my love not enough for you in dear the end 

They say for everybody one true love exists 
How could you make my heart bleed 
Was it just lust you felt for me, born out of greed 


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Rosesdead roses

Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes - Poem by Marie 

Do you Remember the 70's Fantastic Platform shoes 
I had Legs up to my bottom they kept the lads amused 
My where a minty green shade,8inch off the ground 
All my school mates said mine where the best around 

I loved the thrill of balancing as I walked My Walked 
The size of my plat forms neighbors talked and talked 
Mam said its embarrassing buy a pair o...

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Platform shoesshoes


Valentine 1 - Poem by Marie

Who will remember me when I am dead 
I wont haunt any ones head 
Who will cry a tear for my memory WHO 
I know it would not be you 

Happy Valentines Day To all The Bad Men I Ever Knew

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Mannequin lover

Mannequin Lover - Poem by Marie 

I wrap my arms around you and suddenly you spring to life 
your my mannequin lover, I am your dreaming wife 
We dance the dance of lovers a tango of tantalizing Sex 
climbing up to higher heights we never know whats next 

Experimenting Dangerously together we do the lovers Thing 
When I awake in the Morning I feel happy as I sing 
You are my Mannequin lo...

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