A Large Wooden Door

A Large Wooden Door


Out of our finite view there is a large wooden door

which is permanently open, never to close

It remains ajar for a few to trickle through

but in times of calamity and war it opens wider


From outside nothing can be seen therein

inside the exterior is covered by a veil

It is a rubicon, a threshold from life to death

then from death to a new life which awaits


No one is excluded as entry is unrestricted

the passage inside is swift and pre ordained

No words are spoken, no music heard

only a constant movement of souls pressing forward


The door has no handle or lock or key

as they are completely unnecessary

An inner light shows the way

the light of life extinguished only momentarily

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keith jeffries

Sat 16th Feb 2019 14:30

Dear All,

Thank you for such a lively debate. It does credit to you all.

Kind Regards

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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 16th Feb 2019 13:37

Thanks for your thoughts Keith.

I do not believe I am either cynical or contemptous about or toward those who have faith. I simply find they are all too often impenitarable, aloof and elitist.

I was a person of deep faith once someone who undertook a long search and ultimately embraced faith, as such I think I have a relatively good understanding of it. I was born again, baptised and wholly committed, it was very much more than just a word to me, I was not a casual disciple.

I was reluctant to comment on your writing as in my experience entering into discussion with those of faith is futile. They almost always offer the type of defensive answer you have provided here. The aspect I dislike most is the assertion that we of no faith are incapable of understanding, this to me smacks of some kind of elitism and "chosen people" attitude which is an extremely unfortunate dynamic and repellent to those attempting to understand. I suppose the "chosen ones" stance is helpful in attracting those who also want to feel somehow special.

Most of my family are committed and serious Christians, my father was a practasing man of the cloth for many years. Almost all have had crisis of faith due to their own questioning of it but few have given it up.

Rationale cannot be applied to any discussion with those of faith it is a redundant tool, all we get is the mysterious ways quote and told that we cannot possibly understand.

I am happy for those of faith that they are happy I wish them all the best. I do not hold them or their belief in contempt, after all I once shared it.

Another aspect of my rejection of religion and faith is that presuming somehow their religious scriptures were true I would still deeply dislike their demonic and frightful Gods. I do accept as Ray said that there are a great many religious teachings of huge value to mankind, I can't think of one though that did not exist prior to the recording of scripture, those values are not exclusive and cannot be claimed exclusively by those of faith.

There is a smattering of religious writing on WoL that goes completely unchallenged, (some of it not remotely based on scripture) I think people avoid responding to it because as your response rather indicated Keith there is simply no room for rational discussion in the surrendered heart and mind of the believer.

I would also like to say that general attitudes toward religion differ hugely by geographic regions, to assume that most people accept faith worldwide as "Do" appears to have said is to suggest a lack of understanding regarding different cultural attitudes towards the main faith based religions. Some beliefs after all are comforting I suppose.

I doubt I will respond at length again Keith as I am sure you understand the futility of debate such as this, unless it's my soul you are seeking.

With respect,


PS, just to your latest Keith. So we have choice, the door is ever open, no-one is obliged to enter yet everything is pre-ordained? nope, I'll never get my simple human brain around that one I'm afraid. But there I go again with my inability to comprehend, I guess I've just not be chosen this time.

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keith jeffries

Sat 16th Feb 2019 13:33

Ray and Do,

Thank you for your comments. I cannot comment on Billy Graham as I have never heard him speak or know very much about him. I speak for myself. At a very early age I possessed a sense of the numinous. This did not come from scripture or church as my parents never went to church so there was no external influence to initiate or nurture my faith, yet it grew and has remained with me till the age of 71 years. It has not altered the core of my being but rather enhanced and enriched it. My poem speaks of a door that is never closed with unrestricted Access. We all possess freedom of choice. No one is obliged to enter.

Thank you for your interest in this poem


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Sat 16th Feb 2019 12:59

Hi Keith, excuse me for making a comment here. My brother has faith, sparked off by a choice made under the influence of Billy Graham, although his presence there was obviously inwardly driven. in fifty years I have not been able to penetrate that shield; his transformation at the time was immense. In that process, he was made pure, if that makes sense. I believe he lost his core personality. Sad for me, as I love him and respect his personal choice.
My belief is that the material world is a lesson in self sculpture resulting in a passing over to something else. I believe in the possibility of other invisible realms which interpenetrate our awareness for a reason. That leaves me with control and a hand in developing what I possess hopefully for the benefit of others.

Some of the essential core of teachings do have validity; but I will say I think the allegorical assertions represented in your poem, albeit caringly crafted, is an example of "this way please for those who have accepted the way." The trouble with doors is that they block as well as permit entrance at least in the material world.

With respect Ray


Sat 16th Feb 2019 12:33

when there is:

1.day and night
2. life and death
3. sunshine and moonlight
4. disease and good health
5. sadness and happiness
6. man and woman
7. good and bad
8. justice and injustice
9. darkness and light etc. etc. etc.
everything in pair

then what is the pair for:

life on earth?.....isn't it afterlife in heaven above

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keith jeffries

Sat 16th Feb 2019 12:15

Thank you for you comments and views.

When discussing matters of faith a secular language and outlook is a barrier to understanding the spiritual nature of life. Faith is a gift and as with most gifts they can be accepted or not. Not everyone wants to be a Knight of the Garter or be the recipient of an OBE. Faith embodies trust. What cannot be discerned now will be revealed in due course. People of faith believe in a Divine Plan or purpose for creation. Made up comfort is a cynical response often used by those who are determined not to embrace the unknown and resist, often with contempt, those whose heart and mind have accepted the gift of faith with trust and hope.

Thank you again


Fri 15th Feb 2019 23:12

Keith, your faith is well displayed. Afterlife is a reality which many accept and few reject, but death is an ineviatble reality that no matter who rejects but has to finally taste it.
Afterlife sounds myth to many....only an afterlife will prove to us its real existence. Untill then we live in peace as one big humanity. The inevitable doors that each of us enter and exit through.
Beautifully penned!!

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 15th Feb 2019 21:58


Is this what brexiteers call the "Soft Border"?

If entry is preordained what is the point of the journey...it's beyond me.

It's an idea I suppose but a hard sell.

Another contributor to WoL recently muted that faith was a gift which rather surprised me, surely faith is a choice. If it were a gift it would make the giver a right selfish entity, showing favour.

So much of what people quote as religion is just made up comfort designed to soothe, often with very little reference to actual scripture..which seems to have been abandoned by many, they just make up there own stuff, I mean who needs a book or the written word.


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