Dyslexia Rules KO

Though I've had 50 years practice,

Dyslexia still wins sometimes,

I'll miss out, "The's," and, "Me's and, "My's,"

While I focus on rhythm and rhyme.


But I know if I'm gonna crack this,

Have disciplined linguistic lines,

I'll just have to smile and toil for a while,

Re-read, edit, refine.


So if you are reading my stuff,

Probably best go with the flow,

If the beat of the words doesn't seem enough,

The word count is probably low.


And please feel free to raise this,

It would probably help me, you know,

"Dyslexics of the world untie,"

''Cos dyslexia rules KO."


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Don Matthews

Mon 18th Feb 2019 09:35

Dorothy and Jason don't ya worry
I'm screwed up as hell (MC knows)
My gramma and spelling's atroshus
While Mae's thinking golly what goes?

Lisa is trying to get used to
Me returning from my holidays
So Dorothy and Jason don't you worry
I'll join you miss-spelling each day 😎

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 17th Feb 2019 19:58

Dorothy - we all have things in life to adjust to - not always easy.
If with arthritic hands I sought to carve images I wished others to
enjoy and admire, I would use that limitation in nature to do the
best I can. Should I make public the restrictive use allocated by
nature or get on and strive to overcome it by making the best of
whatever aid is available? Churchill may well have suffered more
than bouts of "depression" which he referred to as "the black dog",
but he was flexible and adroit enough to use dictation, secretaries
et al to get his work down on paper (as was then) and ready for
print so that what he meant (eg no misunderstanding) was in no doubt.
Keep at it!

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 17th Feb 2019 19:31

And once again Dorothy, it is my absolute pleasure. X

<Deleted User> (21487)

Sun 17th Feb 2019 19:28

" I Don't think less I just think differntly" why did i not think of that ?
it is just so true.
once more thank you

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 17th Feb 2019 18:00

Dorothy, it is my pleasure. I also suffered under the assumption that I was not bright, as a child, when in actual fact I had a very high IQ. But as I've always said, I don't think less, I just think differently and I'm proud of it. What was once my burden is now something I wear with pride.
And always will 😀.

<Deleted User> (21487)

Sun 17th Feb 2019 17:27

I am sure you are right and I do apologize, It is a subject that I am probably overly sesitive about.
For my generation the stigma of being "not very bright" is a brand that stays, not so these days as it is understood for what it is.
Thank you for explaining,

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Jason Bayliss

Sun 17th Feb 2019 17:10

Thanks Mae. And we'll said Dorothy, but I don't think M.C. meant to suggest that as dyslexics we are any less than anyone else, or that we should be especially careful or limited. I read it more as he was trying to express the thought process that, as dyslexics we use when writing.

I'm sure no offence was meant and certainly none was taken.

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Mae Foreman

Sun 17th Feb 2019 16:40

Jason you're a gem! 🎈 Write on my friend! Right on!
Thank you🎈

<Deleted User> (21487)

Sun 17th Feb 2019 16:17

I do so hope that I have misunderstood you, if I have i apologize.
"Adjust to your limitations" why?

Why should I, or others with the same problem, adjust to our limitations when what I want to do is reach out and expand - I want to explore and enjoy the freedom that others have experienced for years, I do not want to crawl back into that dark pit of inferiority that i have lived in for most of my life. Through WOL I have found my voice,

"Make sure the words you're handing to others Don't mean misunderstanding"

I think that I. and others like me, are as capable as anyone in choosing exactly the right word for the right place. I maybe be dyslexic and hampererd by lack of education but poetry seems to be a great leveller and i feel empowerd by it.

Churchill could not spell, perhaps he was dislexic, we will never know it was not invented then.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 17th Feb 2019 15:09

Neatly put! To which I might add.....
Adjust to your limitations
Make sure the words you're handing
To others (and other nations!)
Don't mean misunderstanding 😌.

<Deleted User> (21487)

Sun 17th Feb 2019 13:23

Oh! how I love this one and I can relate to it.

In my day dyslexia was not heard of, " a bit slow" - "not very brifgt"
" rather stupid" was what we were told, and of course as children, we believed what we were told.

I love your spirited jaunty atitude it makes for a joyful read

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lisa donohoe

Sun 17th Feb 2019 11:17

This is brilliant, very cleverly put together.
Great Job jay 🌷

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