Truths vanish 

As history is written

Smoke wreathes around

Time upon time

The reflections of broken mirrors 

The refractions of shards

Placed to trap dullards

Whose minds travel in a heard.


Truths vanish

Upon the alter of greed

Perceived greater need

For those to feed

Whose snouts already bleed

From trammelling in the seeds

Of victims final needs.

Victims of viler creeds.


Truths vanish

Lies as truth laid bare

As perpetrators compare

Their versions of truths despair

Using tools bought and paid in snares

Used to trap and hold right there

People without the whit to really care

Until too late is the knowing stare.


Truths vanish

As the passage of time

Resembles corpse laid beneath lime.

The rotting stench of lies sublime

The confusion of knowledge as prime

The belief of truth fed as a crime

The knowledge that we’ve been fed a line

Yet still we sit with softened spine.


Truths vanish

But is it not finally here

The time to stand 

Without any fear

The time to educate

And elucidate

Upon the final fate

Of those that bait. 

So teach them the true reality of truth. 

See if they can keep warm with their lies

If we threw them to the street 

There to live on the boulevard of broken truths.

◄ A night out in Jack Dempsy's bar New York. 1980.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 4th Feb 2019 15:31

Consistent and convincing.
The relentless message in these lines brings to mind various
thoughts - that history is written by the victors; that truth is the
first victim of ambition; and that it takes real conviction to resist the use of convenient lies to obtain a goal. Politics provides a forum
for that in action...when today's "yes" can become an expedient "no"

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Mon 4th Feb 2019 14:05

This speaks to me of the truth of lies; in other words the masquerading behind smokescreens so well described in long form. We are weaned into blind acceptance until all becomes a kind of fantasy - but then isn't what so many wish for?
Could we face the deeper truths that threaten to ruin us with the light?
I love your sincerity and unwillingness to compromise for the sake of it Phil. Those that wish to learn truth must also suffer, I'm afraid.


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