Talking with god

Talking with god.

She reckoned she had been short-changed

When bosoms were allotted

So down she went on bended knee

To pray to him above;

"Your tits are fine," is all he said

And she replied, "Get knotted."



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Dave Caplan

Sun 17th Feb 2019 14:33

Hello David,
Thanks for your comments.
I liked the Woody Allen line.
I find nothing wrong with irreverent humour or laughing at is too serious not to be funny.


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Dave Caplan

Sat 16th Feb 2019 22:49

Kieth thank you for commenting on my latest effort.
I have been abroad for the last few days, so have some catching up to do on other's poems.

As is usual there will always be controversy on anything religious, but that is not altogether a bad thing if handled with a grain of respect for the views of others.....which I admit is not always easy.

My father's family were Russian Jews who were lucky to escape with their lives when Cossaks came riding through their village, cutting people down with swords and setting fire to the wooden village hovels they called home. They took the first ship they could get (not even knowing or caring where it was bound) and ended up in Scotland in the early 1900s before WW1.

Just after WW2 my father met, and married, a french Catholic schoolteacher he met in Paris.

I myself met and married my longtime penpal from the Philippines. Her father was Muslim and a drunkard, and ended up marrying a Catholic (a Nun) whom he had raped.
My wife was one of their five children.

Oddly enough apart from my wife's mother nobody else was in the least interested in religion, and rarely if ever went to church.

I was given a hard time at school, both primary & secondary, for refusing to say prayers and, on one occasion was beaten in front of the class by my form master for not closing my eyes during morning prayers. Non of the other boys cared, but it was a good excuse to pick on me; so punch-ups were frequent in the school yard. That's one way to learn how to fight !

Fortunately things are so different today. My daughters never had any problems at school, but that is partly because very few people nowadays, at least here in England, bother about such things. I have lost count of the amount of derelict churches there are here in the south of England, but at least they are, for the most, preserved as such old buildings should be.

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keith jeffries

Sat 16th Feb 2019 17:02

It’s a wonder God didn’t deflate them altogether. Delightfully brief and funny. Thank you for this. Keith

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