He's Damaging Our Website, Breaking All the Rules

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He's Damaging Our Website, Breaking All the Rules




This poem is based on the latest venom-based hate mail just received from from Big Sal (Temple Builder). I will not put up with this sort of treatment. Moderators – please show him the gate. I will continue making public any further hate mail received until something is done.


Hey You Cocksucking Bitch, You Can't Rhyme Faggot

Friday 1st February 2019 4:02 am

Just wanted to tell you that your comment on John's poem is as fucking stupid as you. Hope you read this because you're a fucking faggot you little bitch.

Keep talking about me bitch. I hope you do. Fuck you and your whole family you little pussy.



The Builder is a coward

He will not publicly

Post his vile and venom

For everyone to see


Instead he takes the coward's

Way of sending vile

Directly to receiver

Accompanied with bile


The latest one he's sent me

Is nasty, full of hate

Moderators will you

Please show him the gate?


Don't you ever, ever

Say “fuck your family”

For if I ever see you

I'll cut you up with glee


He's given me an invite

To copy/paste my mail

Seems happy being crucified

I'm happy driving nails


He's damaging our WOL site

And breaking all the rules

When will the moderators

Remove this venom fool?


Don Matthews February 2019


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