On the way to the dance

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Follow the stream past the boarded up houses

By-pass your dreams on the Cemetery Row

Pass the quiet bridge on the edge of the moorland.

Listen to the caw-caw crowings of the ravens and crows

All that you care for still lives where you're heading

Follow the foxes to where street lights are setting

Rude postcards, the smell of candy floss, there's just no forgetting.

Though the sun rarely shone as we walked by the seaside, whizzing along with our bursting hormones

We teens from the suburbs had been dropped at the seaside or travelled by bus or walked all alone:

Escaping our imprisonment on the 21st floor for one glorious day. Who needs more?

All of the sounds of the music and laughter mingling the sweet smells of summer-galore

Fortune tellers baking in their closed-in cabins,

Laughing at the gambling and the drinking and the drugs,

These liars and deceivers trapped by their educated-guesses did nothing but shrug.

But we didn't care, for all that we wanted was for evening to fall

On the girls in their dresses

We'd meet in the slitherings

Down at the ball.


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Mon 11th Feb 2019 11:16

…"Escaping our imprisonment on the 21st floor for one glorious day. Who needs more?"

What a difference a day makes.

Another great poem John


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