The T-Virus

I haven't looked at myself in a weeks
Do you think they can medicate self-loathing behavior
I'm a lost cause I haven't left my apartment in days
I put my best foot forward just to have it broken
Gave her my heart now she's cutting strings until it falls
6 feet deep with a fancy to stone on top of it
I'll try to help everyone just to watch myself drown a little bit more
I just want to leave people brighter than what I was

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 11th Feb 2019 16:43

My friend, you have a way with words that I love, "Best foot forward just to have it broken," dark, but accurate and inciteful.

I have been there as well, very very dark places, though long ago.

I wrote a poem for my son's, it probably sums up my advice (if you want it), better than I could say here. It's called, "Don't try to be happy."

I wouldn't normally mention my own stuff when reviewing others, seems a bit arrogant but I mention this as a father who cares.
Please don't be offended by the last line, remember I wrote it for my boys.

Beautifully stark, accurate poem you've written.


Mon 11th Feb 2019 11:10

They can't... But YOU! You can, and do with your power to reach out beyond your four walls with such insight and clarity that shines so brightly Damon


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