Her feet placed firmly on the wet grass

No shoe's

Her soles and the soil

United Once again

The connection between herself and mother nature

Love she will not feel in other places

Gracefully showing her gratitude

For all that mother earth has to offer

The soft whistling and chirping

different birds from diffrent flocks

Together at peace

The bare trees standing tall

Branches strong

Some old

Some new

Together they stand 

Purifying the air she breathes in 

The worms beneath the damp ground

Wiggling to the surface

 feeding the flying majestic animals

Dead flower's no longer show their beauty

She sees them for all they are

And still admirers there purpose

Cold, yet she is not freezing

The sun shinning brings out the best in all that stands in this spectacular place

She sees what others do not

She feels what others are afraid to feel

She is planted in this earth

Identical to all thats in front of her eyes

Roots growing from her bare feet

Deep into the wet muddy soil

Grounded and at peace

Grounded and still growing

Grounded until she takes her last breath

Forever showing gratitude

Forever seeing the beauty in all that is damaged

Forever staying true to herself




◄ Shame

Mistaken ►


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lisa donohoe

Fri 8th Feb 2019 16:14

Wowww... That has blew my mind more so than the Cambridge experiment..
How intriguing is that!!

If you have faith in angels po I have an excellent and very satisfying chant to call onto ark angel Micheal for the most amazing feeling of strength and protection that is felt in one's soul instantly.

As for mother nature ' each morning my bare feet touch the wooden floors before making any journey I call onto her and visualize my roots growing into the ground and herself covering me in the most purest shade of green in order to feel grounded and at ease ''' ready to tackle the day knowing I will not be knocked of balance 😉

I can say whole heartedly it works wonders..


Fri 8th Feb 2019 16:03

I saw an article about a lie detector. a polygraph machine. It measures small electrical currents.

As a joke it was connected to a leaf on a plant in the office (which was on the 10th floor) One guy held his lighter under a leaf and it registered on the polygraph. The same guy did the same thing for a few days with the same result. The plant triggered a response when this man simply came in to the office.

The plant became so aware of this man it reacted as soon as he entered the lobby of the building... 10 Floors below!

The article may still be on the web somewhere.

Interesting stuff.

I always talk to plants and trees.

I have a huge Oak tree outside the entrance to my place.

It is smack bang on a major Ley line. it is always the first to gain leaves and always the last to lose them.

I often sit with my back to its trunk and ask it for strength.


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lisa donohoe

Fri 8th Feb 2019 15:37

Delighted you are inspired by mother nature for a new book po...

She is the giver of all we have and the reason we feel connected to the earth.

I seen a university from Cambridge done a scientific experiment on two identical plants both planted in the same soil, both watered at the same time both in the same type of plant pot..

Their experiment was providing proof that how the plant grows depends on how its treated with word's...

One plant was told daily how unloved it was and how un pretty it looked and how bad it smelled etc...

While the other was told how beautiful it is and how nicely it smells and how amazing it is etc...

One plant grew so big, leafs the brightest green color and its sprouted out the most beautiful flower bud's.

The other plant however did not grow so well, its leafs wore a much darker sadder shade of green and no flower buds appeared.

Sad yet so true..

Go out to your garden ' dont stop at just a pose " but thank every flower and weed and bush and tree for being apart of your garden 💕


Fri 8th Feb 2019 14:56

I want to go out in the garden and do 'The tree pose' right now!
Followed quickly be the warrior pose.

'The art of Poga'

I feel a new book coming on

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lisa donohoe

Thu 7th Feb 2019 21:04

Thank you Mae 😃

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Mae Foreman

Thu 7th Feb 2019 11:56

Lovely poem Lisa!
Thank you 🎈

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lisa donohoe

Mon 4th Feb 2019 14:43

Thank you for taking the time to read dave. Much appreciated 😃

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Dave Caplan

Mon 4th Feb 2019 14:14

Lysa you are a true child of the earth !

Much enjoyed.

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