Always beware

what lies there,

of what is concealed

hiding behind the limbs of trees

lurking in the far off field.


Beware of yourself

all a - tremble

at the hushed wraith that dissolves

and dissembles


and keeps everything for itself

leaving you on the periphery.

Prod it with a stick,

watch it swirl on your clothes.


Bound to be a witch or two

as shapes take stitches

and weave you into a web of dreams.


Don't believe in signs,

keep to the track,

never look back.

The fog is drawing your outline

on breath,

or so it seems.




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Fri 8th Feb 2019 17:03

Hi Alan. Fog can bring nostalgia - I remember the London smogs; I suppose every big town had them bad what with coal fires and factories. To be honest I like periphery but thanks for the thought.

Thanks Jennifer for recounting the dangers of fog - terrible to drive in and you brought the whole past to life !

Blimey, Dave . I think is the closest thing to what I imagined - it can be disconcerting, but I would be tempted out in cloak and dagger myself!

John, I'm sure that was quite upsetting and entirely possible in those days. I remember one musician who parked his car in the West End, got pissed and couldn't remember where it was. Had to get a lift back - no coda that I know to it.

Thanks Stu. So pleased you caught the real mood and it hit a spot with your own subtle mind.

Frances, Phil, Jon and Anya always grateful for your likes.


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Stu Buck

Fri 8th Feb 2019 03:06

dripping with atmosphere ray. a triumph

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John Coopey

Thu 7th Feb 2019 11:46

We don't seem to get them like we used to, Ray. I remember my mam telling me she got lost coming home from her cleaning job at the shirt factory once. It was only round the corner from our house. She said she sat on the kerb and cried until a bloke helped her up and brought her home.

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Dave Caplan

Thu 7th Feb 2019 00:01

Spooky and atmospheric Ray.

I live in a tiny rural village.
Pub gone, no shops; ancient church and graveyard view from my window. Plenty trees and creatures of the night. I hate the fog !

jennifer Malden

Wed 6th Feb 2019 18:05

Lovely, Ray. really brings back foggy days. Remember in Glasgow driving along at night in a haar with the passenger door open to avoid running over stray drunks who had toppled over into the gutter- those were the days! I also had a grey horse who I couldn't see in a midlands field as she was fog colour! She came up behind me and snorted grumpily, wanting to get back to a warm stable!


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Alan Travis Braddock

Wed 6th Feb 2019 10:32

I like it Ray, recalls being a kid in Manchester when we had REAL fog, you could knit it into blankets... One criticism - 'periphery' breaks up the rhythm IMHO -try 'edges' ?

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