Doorstep Beauty

Broadleaved woodland spreads alongside

open meadow, wetland and arable farmland

Cereal and vegetable, thriving in abundance, 

in this gem to the eye of the beholder.


They are sheltered by their taller friends:

Oak and poplar

Cherry and birch

Rowan, Willow, Larch and Pine

I wish these were all friends of mine

Conifer, Hemlock

Sycamore and Maple

Standing tall like sentries at a palace

Where Christopher Robin met his Alice

Till wind and rain doth try and spoil

The landscape of tree, plant and rich soil


Shrubs are prominent in their own way

With leaf and flower in stark array

on Hawthorn, Holly, Rose and Blackthorn 

Elder and Snowberry make you feel torn

between the beauty seen and felt,

enough to make any heart

feel overwhelmed and melt


All this with bridleway and cycle track

To ride your bike or on a horses back

Walking and taking all this in, where

recreation and beauty combine

With trees to filter, cleanse and scrub

pollutants that try to spoil and rub

the landscape from a perfect canvas

Where we would dwell if only we could

Undercover of nature in...Dainewell Woods

The Urban Poet 2019

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Fred Varden

Sat 2nd Mar 2019 10:39

Thanks Kate, I did enjoy writing this I do admit. I very much appreciate your comments ?

<Deleted User> (19913)

Sun 17th Feb 2019 05:41

I love how you have honoured nature with this poem. Absolutely beautiful.

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