Connection starts with the eyes.

It falls with the repetition of lies.


They say the eyes are the window to the soul.

Sometimes it feels like I’m staring through a black hole.


The eyes have adapted to the new culture society is creating.

The sad truth we are facing is that our attention is fading.


There is a cage locked around every person’s heart.

How can we connect when we don’t know where to start?


The eyes have transitioned from surroundings to phones,

Attention diverting as soon as we hear our text tones.


We are headed down a tunnel with blind vision,

Our phones have become our new prison.





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Erin Cc

Sun 17th Feb 2019 00:03

I am new to this website and clicked on your profile and a random sample you have written. I am very impressed with your rhyming skills. I also enjoyed how you captured the aspect of our society of being enslaved to our phones.

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