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Invisible Child

To be still

To be silent

To be mindless and quiet

It is not human 

We aren't meant to have hushed thoughts

In my mind I shout and scream at what you say

But not out loud

I just sit and stare



nodding my head as if I agree

still silent



The ideal child

Yet when I do as you ask


Shame me 

Judge me

Accuse me


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Only Human

We can be cruel and narcissistic


We will try to vilify anyone we can


But we can also be kind and honest, giving love to those who need it.


We are beings


We see ourselves as powerful giants that rule the world.


When in reality we are no more important than atoms.


We are dust


We float through life trying to grasp at something that matters.



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A Life

My life is like a never ending circus act


Where sanity is but a dream


Where love can kill


Where arguments bring peace


My life is like the tide  forever changing with the moon


Where people come and go like the waves upon the shore 

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Demon Dance

The air is full of music

and I can feel a pull  deep in my soul.

The heat of the night nearly swallows me whole.

But his eyes lift me high into the sky. 

Far from my troubles and fears 

to a place where I need no tears.

At a first it doesn't seem real, 

but if you dare take a glance you'll see 

that this is where my demons  dance.

 Here they have a chance to be free


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I love my sister who reminds me of summer

Her hair flows like the wind on a warm summer’s breeze

Her laugh sounds like waves crashing on the beach

I am winter

And this is my sister

She is my opposite

She is my friend

She is the person I look up to

She is the one who can make me laugh

But most important of all she is my sister

And I love her

My sister who reminds me...

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Love is without bounds


it has no rhyme nor reason.


If not nurtured it can tear at the soul


until there's nothing left,


but the ghosts of what once was.


It can drive ones mind to the brink of insanity


where all good intentions are lost.

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While people mindlessly stare at screens of light and color

They stain their hands with ignorance

Forever becoming the cattle of America

They are born and raised then milked of their worth


This is America

Are you sure you wish to be branded as "free"?

The illusion of rights and the promises of freedom are but the dreams of men who have long since been asleep. 

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Nightmares are the distorted reflections of what once was, and what we dread to become.

Mirrored by childhood fears and grown insecurities. 

Constantly being warped by the vanity of others.


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Slip Away

What of the future?
Why plan for what we can not see?
Why can’t we just be?
Living in the moment
       Living day to day
             While our lives slip away
                          Into sleep into peace
                                   Into the wonders of our dreams
Why must people say what they do not mean?
Why must I fake a smile?
In fear you might not want to stay awhile
Why ...

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