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The Passage of Time

When we're younger we all wish we're older. Then when we're older we wish we're younger. Time continuously moves forward. It's the only animate object that defy's the laws of physics and gravity. It stays in motion, it doesn't slowdown, speed up, nor does it stop. You can't press rewind. Once today becomes dusk and the moon is taking it's last wee hours of snooze. The Sun says its last goodbyes an...

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That Day Will Come

I pray that I get to see the day. When we all stop the hate. We need true leaders to lead the wayyy. Who's going to step up to the plate? Step up before it's too late. Sometimes I feel like Iam going insane. Feel like iam going to brake my brain cus it's overflowing with pain. Only Love,Unity,Harmony, and Peace; Will relieve the tension that's causing the migraine. The enemy likes to play mind gam...

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