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Lost at sea a battle against dementia and me

When i look into your eyes 

I know your still there somewhere inside 

And as each passing day 

Goes by I know another part of your memory dies 

But you won't remember the goodbyes and it's hard not to sit here and cry 

Because your trapped inside 

All The confusion the conclusion

That your drifting away 

Well  I know  that ships don’t stay long at bay 

And will soon be heading of alone in there own way 

My promise to you is that il do all I can do 

to keep you here with me 

the family need you 

Just as much as you want the sea 

but stay 

stay with me forever I know that things will get better 

Because you've got me and I've got you just hold my hand wele make it through 

There's gonna be stormy weather but the ship we will sail together can see through the clouds and

And it's clearer now that in the sea is where your meant to be it's a better place in time 

No longer taken by your own mind 

So you can travel on your own 

and I know that you'll be fine 

I was thinking about me 


what will I do now 

When I can't get to you  

To help you through 

when times get tough and the seas are rough 

And when we meet again somehow 

Il remind you of every adventure that your brain won’t allow 

And how we laughed till we cried 

But dementia crept in and took you towards the tide 

Each day a different 

Piece of your puzzled mind 

Joined the voyagers on board the ship 

And the fog took over even more 

Until you couldn’t see me 

Left behind at the shore 



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Dave Caplan

Sun 3rd Feb 2019 02:04

Superbly put Laura.

In this situation, caring for a loved one with dementia, requires an infinite amount of patience, but even the strongest of us will
occasionally give way under the stress of repetition.....and immediately regret it. It is a heart-rending and soul destroying situation. All you can offer is love.

Be brave.


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 2nd Feb 2019 16:39

My mother suffered during the final phase of a long life. I know what
you mean.

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Laura Heydon

Sat 2nd Feb 2019 16:13

Thank you it’s a hard disease to come to terms with or keep up with for both the sufferer and family trying to hold on or come to terms with and just as you think you’ve come to terms with the condition taking over your nearest and dearest it sweeps through even more proving that your never a step ahead or as prepared as you think and you beat yourself up about how the beginning was just over repeating the same story or contradicting everything you say and answering the same questions that were only answered not long before it hurts but once it worsens and you think back to the frustration and anger that followed from having to repeat yourself each time you’d give anything to have to just tell the same stories again instead of having to look at someone you love looking back empty eyed with wonder of who you are and why You want to be with them x

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 2nd Feb 2019 14:58

Achingly true in its approach to this devastating illness, with a
choice of phrase that combines the poetical with the reality of a
heartbreaking situation that affects both sufferer and carer.
Coincidentally, today on the MSN online news page, there is an
item about Sir Michael Palin in which he describes the illness
affecting his friend and fellow Python partner Terry Jones.

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