Golgotha and the Berlin bunker

both scenes of significant deaths and tears,

Gethsemane and Auschwitz twinned with each other

where prayers rang out

to fall on deaf ears.


Disciples carried out their orders

the disposal of material evidence,

shrouded in myth and mystery.

Life goes on in the same old way,

fairly mysterious I have to say.






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Sun 10th Feb 2019 13:09

Droll, David. If only Mary Whitehouse was on WOL, even from the other side. Bang to rights, and all that. As my birthday got in the way, I had to get my priorities right - saving or condemning souls was not on the agenda.
Apt you mention D & C. I recall one pissed sketch, where Peter Cook asked Dudley : " Does Valerie have a beard? Actually yes, she does... Perhaps Valerie is Jesus then? I think you're right."

Apart from you, I don't seem to have many followers with this specimen. Must try harder.

Thanks mate, always a pleasure.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 10th Feb 2019 12:28

Ah there it is Ray, I was wondering when we might get around to our disposal of Jesus conversation.

This didn't disappoint with some apt pairings.

I am now imagining Derek and Clive performing a disposal of Jesus sketch, one in which maybe he keeps coming back from the dead and won't lie down, who knows.


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Sun 10th Feb 2019 11:23

Hi Des, Anya, Po, Lisa and thanks for reading and liking.


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