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December Birthday Blues

December Birthday Blues

You've created in me this

despair of lonliness..

My voice trembles,

tears fill my eyes,

I don't want u to see me..

I would'nt stand your coldness,

not again!

All the love you used to give me,

no longer there...

These feelings of crying..

can't take it,

I'm not that strong!


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To someone that cares

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Books on my shelf

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Gods Blessings

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I am from..

I Am From

I am from eye wear
From variations of frames, colors,
& fancy cases 

I am from the city of angels
busy, loud, sometimes
I am from aloe vera
spiky, slimy, beneficial.
I'm from festive family gatherings
& food aplenty.
Demonstrations of generosity
 in their offering & sharing
 brings much satisfaction!
From Antonia and George
I'm from the skillful hands of my fa...

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A poem to my bff

A poem to my bff

I am from milk...................................................................       to nourish my bones........... ....................................

to enjoy with coffee and pastries 

I am from D vitamins

to build strong backpack bones 

From Jansport and polyester 

I am from the valley

Freshingly cool, of slopes, soily rich

I am from cherry trees


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A Valentines night: who would've imagined!

And here I am

In the darkness

All alone with my thoughts

Thinking about you.

Two different worlds

You and I.

And literally speaking,

Two different continents!

Yet so close, binded by 

Social media. 

Impostors, strangers, 

And hooligans want to be you!

I would've never thought to say this..

But thanks to them

 I know who you are.

Something in your eyes,


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Must have been a sweet dream!

As I woke up 

your face was all

I could remember.

That charm like demeanor 

That magnetic smile

You must be angelic or

something of the like.

I've only met you twice 

bUT with this sweet dream 

Ive must have had, I'm now eager

to get to know you

(Sorry poets out there! I couldn't upload the file to this completed poem.will get back to it later)

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The perfect axis

Who put you there?

Why there?

I'd see you on my way to work

3x a week. 

Three weeks ago,

maybe two..

for some reason it feels longer.

I crossed your path

I'm glad I took that route.

For years before you,

 there was nothing in that location

but a sad looking house 

with nothing of interest to look at.

So maybe you crossed my path..

but who cares

because ...

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No more

No more shouting daddy

No more crying mama

Too much fighting 

mom and dad

 Don't you see I suffer?

No more daddy 

No more chaos

I continue to be sad

So am I still suffering?


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In Times of Doubt (edited)

If you're not real

then why do many worship you?

If you don't exist

then why are there sacred sites 

in your name? 

If I can't see you

then why are there so many

images of you out there?

If I can't hear your voice

then why do many sing in your name?

If I feel weak, absent-minded, have negative thoughts or no desire to live

then why are you always there to lift me u...

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Day and Night

Day and night 

I swallowed your words 

Day and night 

You heard goodness 

from me

My love for you

 overcame my pride

One night

you no longer

heard goodness 

I knew then 

you wouldn't swallow 

your pride

You trickster!

You scammer!

I am no longer your fool!

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A child's Rhyme

Spring Arrived!

The tulips are in bloom!

I am in great joy

because of you!

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Outside the sun is bright

But my heart feels gloomy inside

However, books are in my mind

And not any kind of books

Poetry ones

Those that talk about 

love and romance 


deceptive love,

abandoned love,

heartbreak love

those kinds

And there they are 

standing on the shelves

From Ana Castillo, 

to the great Robert Frost, 

and one titled "We got c...

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